Why writing an SEO Product Description is important

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Online users browse the web everyday, with hopes of finding products that will satisfy their needs. Providing an optimized SEO product description can help a product meet the users’ and Google’s standards and generate a great amount of organic traffic which can only mean an increase in profitability for the business.

Why writing an SEO product description is important

In order to help users find relevant websites, you have to incorporate the right information in the SEO product description in order to show up on Google’s search results. Search engines, such as Google, use bots to track and locate websites that refer to specific terms that users search for.

In today’s competitive landscape, many companies try to optimize their content in order to manage rank on Google’s web results and in the end, gain a competitive advantage.

How to write an SEO product description

Would you like to learn how to write an SEO product description that will boost your business’s visibility on the internet? We have compiled some useful information that could help you write an effective product description that will generate traffic and increase your profitability. Let’s check it out.

How to write SEO Product description

1. Underline the WOW factors

Today, thousands of businesses sell their products online. Your product should always highlight your product’s advantages against those of your competitors as they could increase your website’s conversion rates. Take into account how many buyers don’t spend their whole time reading a product’s description thoroughly and just look at the main benefits before completing their purchase. If you include the WOW benefits in the product descriptions, you’ll draw their attention and convince them to buy your products.

2. Understand your product

Writing an SEO-friendly product description requires obtaining certain information about it. A copywriter needs to understand clearly the use, purpose, and creation of a product in order to create a text that communicates its key benefits to the customer. If a customer reads some general facts that could be applied to any product, they will most likely find it unimpressive and won’t find the need to purchase it.

Some interesting tips to help your customers understand your products are:

  • Provide technical details of your product
  • Be in the position of demonstrating how it works
  • Conduct research and perceive the main advantages of your product

3. Determine your target audience

An important step in writing product descriptions is finding the target audience. Having an idea of what kind of people will most likely show interest in your product can help your business to a great extent. An experienced SEO copywriter conducts excessive research first to determine what kind of products their target audience is interested in and create product descriptions accordingly in order to attract them and turn them into buyers.

4. Use simple words and phrases

Not everyone has the same reading comprehension skills. Every person has their own vocabulary and might not be able to understand everything they read in the same way. If you’re referring to people from the corporate world, scientists or college students you could easily use difficult vocabulary. On the other hand, someone who doesn’t possess the abilities of the sort might find it difficult to understand the text they’re reading. That’s why writing in plain language is important as you can attract people from all walks of life and ultimately turn them into buyers.

5. Provide the right information and be realistic

A search engine aims to provide an answer to the users’ questions. It’s important to mention the characteristics and benefits of your products so people understand what your product is about clearly. A quality SEO product description details the main features and practical use of a product. Once search engines understand that the content of the page is clear and specific, will drive it to the top results.

Another important factor when writing information is realism. You can’t always pretend that your products are the best of the best, as numerous consumers can easily decide on whether they’re as good you claim them to be. Usually, consumers ask people questions about your products and seek advice on the internet, so don’t try to fool them as it could result in devastating results for your business. The least you need is to lose your trustworthiness with your customers.

6. Create original content

Nowadays, search engines can easily understand the content that has been copied and rephrased in order to seem original and unique. Make sure you produce content, written from scratch with hopes of achieving high rankings on search results.


Why writing SEO product description is important-3

Some pro tips to help you create original content are:

  • Create an outline for your descriptions and apply it to each SEO product description and every text you create.
  • Try to persuade your audience by stating the benefits of the product and don’t focus only on following the SEO guidelines.
  • Provide some easy examples of how your customers can use the products on the website which will help you position yourself as an authority.

7. Incorporate the keywords in your content efficiently

Try not to use too many keywords in a small text. Search engines will definitely scan the whole text to decide where the content provided is useful or just keyword stuffing. If search engines discover that you’ve injected your keyword more times than what is optimal for your text’s length, they will ban it from the top positions of their search results.

Some SEO pro tips to help you effectively integrate your keywords to your text are:

  • Use long-tail keywords and place them in title, headings, and subheading, following the SEO standards.
  • Fill in your images’ file name, tags, and alt-tags with your main keyword.
  • Avoid spamming your text with keywords.

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