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The travel and tourism industries are ever-evolving and among the most competitive at an international scale.When industry-specific challenges are not addressed, your online visibility, customer reach, and earned profits are directly at risk. 

Eliminate the challenges that plague your business with proven tactics that work. Implement the best travel SEO practices that are guaranteed to bring you the search engine results you desire and increased revenue.

Two-thirds of online travel booking sales are made directly from the hotel’s own website.


of travelers want greater digital customer service from hotel brands.

(PwC, 2019)

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Digital travel and tourism sales are at an all-time high, meaning that your online presence is the gateway to your success. Trust your business to an agency of highly-skilled copywriters and strategists who exercise a data-driven approach and deep dive into your business brand to consistently bring in targeted traffic organically.

Collaborate with an SEO team that puts your needs, interests, and pain points first. Let us create a tailor-made SEO strategy to increase organic traffic, generate new leads, establish authority, and bring in substantial revenue in the long run. Catapult your website’s search engine results rankings now with our travel industry SEO.

“At SEO Copywriting Agency, we never tire of creating captivating travel industry SEO. We have our finger on the pulse of what’s next in the travel and tourism industry so you never fall behind your competitors.”

Souzana Theodoridou, Lead Strategist & Co-Founder at SEO Copywriting Agency


of all travel bookings around the world took place without human interaction in 2018

we know your industry needs and goals

Surefire travel SEO services, tailored for you

The travel and tourism industry’s competitiveness is among the most brutal of all industries. Proven search engine optimization tactics and practices must be methodically applied in order for your website to be a viable competitor and an industry leader in the search results.

Put full faith in a team of strategists and copywriters to identify your brand persona and target audience to create content that resonates with them. See how applying the most surefire SEO services to your website lets you outrun the competition and generate substantial profits.

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There are numerous long-term benefits of SEO hospitality and travel industry SEO as time passes. SEO is one of the best marketing strategies to build an audience and retain them over time. It answers the questions that are seeking and the type of product or service they want, thus helping them to remain loyal to you in the future.

An experienced SEO copywriter can help expand your reach and widen your audience when they write travel blogs for your website. They are thoroughly briefed on your SEO content strategy and have a deep understanding of your buyer persona. They always bear in mind that the purpose of a travel blog is to provide answers and satisfy Google, not just write dreamy content.

Yes, optimizing your travel website is an essential part of travel SEO services. Optimizing your site gives you the chance to check for broken links and other technical issues, as well as continuously making sure you are aligned with your audience. As time passes and trends change, you need to keep your online content up-to-date and relevant for your audience and optimization helps to achieve this.

Travel SEO begins with implementing a full website audit to see the current shape of your site and where content can be appropriately injected. A full SEO strategy is created to define your buyer persona and the keywords they search for. Clever content with targeted keywords will then be crafted for your blogs, landing pages, and product and service descriptions. Over time you should consider optimizing your travel website so you always remain relevant to your audience.

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Panos K
Panos K@discovergreece
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“An SEO Agency that has clearly shown us the solution to every need”

In our effort to improve the presence of the newly-redesigned in the search engines, we partnered with the SEO Copywriting Agency. For technical SEO, their team researched our site in depth, gathering all those points needing improvement (even the much less obvious ones), and they clearly showed us the solution to each issue.

We collaborated to improve the way and purpose of content production, strategically enhance its structure and keywords, and make it more SEO friendly. Content is King. Search Engine Optimized content is the Emperor.
Kathrin V.
Kathrin V.@SantoriniExperts
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“The keywords, the tone, and the overall blog was exactly what we had hoped for”

We have been using their services twice already, first, they rewrote all the tour descriptions for our new website. Souzana was great in understanding the personalized feel we wanted to express. The second time was copywriting a blog post which needed lots of research. We are more than happy with the result that Danai presented to us. The keywords they used and the tone the post is written in are exactly what we had hoped for. Thank you!
Ruth F.
Ruth F.@SecretParadiseMaldives
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“Great value, efficient and professional SEO Copywriting Services”

We used their services to update our tour descriptions and to review the keywords we were using. They took time to speak and liaise with us to ensure the tone was in line with our requirements as well as to understand the focus we wanted to maintain within the tour descriptions. Great value, efficient and professional.

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