Leverage your SEO Strategy: Boost your eCommerce Revenues with 8+1 Actionable Tips & SEO Practices

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Connect your SEO strategy to sales, bring new targeted visitors to your website and convert them to paying customers

About 64% of marketers actively invest time in search engine optimization (SEO). (HubSpot, 2020) 

In an era of globalization and eCommerce domination, it’s no secret anymore that a holistic, creative, and engaging SEO strategy can help you attract more customers and generate profit. 

But what are the right SEO practices to outrank your competition, rank high on the SERPs, target and convert your ideal customers, and thus, increase your revenues?

What steps should you take to ensure your business’ success and audience engagement over time?

The answer to the above lies within a thoughtfully crafted SEO strategy. Get ready to increase your eCommerce sales by following a few essential tips. Keep reading to find out how to:

  • Target your audience better and provide them with an optimal user experience
  • Boost your sales conversions, generate new leads, and outrank your competitors
  • Create engaging and targeted content using the relevant keywords and queries
  • Utilize the power of social media to build a better relationship with your audience
  • Invest in SEO practices and optimize your website strategically for mobiles 

Ready to take action? Let’s start.

Find the 8+1 Absolute Tips to Increase Your eCommerce Sales

seo strategy text "be creative"

1. Research & Use the Right Keywords

Keyword research is the only way to figure out what people are typing into search engines when looking for your product or services. It is a crucial part of your overall SEO strategy as it helps you understand in-depth your potential buyer and, thus, target them better. Formulate a well-thought-out keyword strategy that corresponds to your audience’s needs and expectations, and choose the keywords that can help your audience easily find your website online.

SEO agencies around the globe start their research on Keyword research, Google’s Trends, or invest in more elaborate software, such as Ahrefs. Once you choose your keywords alongside the experts in the field, make sure you inject them into your content thoughtfully. Don’t forget to include them in your website’s URLs, headings, meta-data, or even email and marketing campaigns. 

*If you feel like diving deeper into the world of keywords, download the Ultimate Keyword Research Checklist by SEO Copywriting Agency.

2. Craft Smart and Engaging Content

Create authentic, informative, and convincing content. Use your keywords wisely and make sure you target your audience’s expectations. Brainstorm on topics related to your niche and analyze your buyer persona in-depth for better results. Think of what content your customers would find useful and craft it in a way that speaks to their hearts.

Leverage SEO copywriting and adopt a consistent tone of voice and make sure you maintain it throughout your communication platforms. Remember, your engagement with your clients is very much dependent on the quality of your content. Give them original, robust content and make it valuable. After all, a happy visitor can easily be converted to a devoted customer or, even better, a brand ambassador. 

3. Customize your Website to Suit Local Culture

When creating your business’ website, act globally but also think locally. What is the searcher really trying to achieve, and how is your content helping them reach this goal? Take into consideration factors that are bound to a specific geographic location or culture that might have an impact on your potential customer’s journey. 

Optimize your SEO content strategy based on cultural elements, and adjust your language to create content that respects and suits local traditions and mindsets. Make sure you register your business on Google, and get professional advice on SEO techniques that enhance your online presence in your city or specific area. Discover the keywords and terms that work best locally and craft landing pages that correspond to your buyer persona’s profile to draw further organic traffic.

4. Create Captivating Product Descriptions

Don’t underestimate the power of your SEO product description. Even though it is often neglected or not considered as it should, a good product description can help your website get indexed…right on top of Google’s search results. Search engines tend to better index unique pages with relevant, authentic content and targeted keywords. 

Craft your product description thoughtfully. Think about what kind of information your buyer persona is looking for when they land on your website. Give them all the insights they need, preempt their arguments against buying your product, and provide solutions to their problems. Tackle their needs and promote your product’s Unique Selling Propositions (USP) methodically. 

Keeping your manufacturers’ product descriptions or copying parts from similar websites can lead you to plagiarize unintentionally. In such a case, your website is not going to be adequately indexed by Google’s algorithm, as it will feature unoriginal and duplicated content. Be creative!

5. Optimize Your Product/Service Images

Having qualitative images clearly showcasing your products and services is essential for your SEO strategy’s success. When purchasing online, having a visual that represents and reflects the quality of your services is more than critical. A customer always considers the visual aspects of your website; for example, a bad quality photograph would be a turn-off. 

Choose original, high-quality pictures and, if possible, add a zoom-in function to enable the visitor to visualize the attributes of your products further. Don’t forget to add alt-tags to your photos to get interpreted properly by Google’s crawlers. Describe your pictures accurately and incorporate your main keywords into the alt-tags to boost your overall SEO performance.

SEO for fashion

6. Complete your website with FAQ Pages

Have an FAQ section at the bottom of your homepage or your product descriptions. Help your customers resolve all the typical questions they might have regarding your services and convince them to purchase your products directly from your website. Think of all the common questions that your buyer persona would ask about your product.

Provide short and accurate answers to tackle every doubt. Use a straightforward tone of voice to motivate your visitors to go past their hesitation and let them see why your website is a credible source of information. Brainstorm ideas based on your niche, or consult Google’s “People Also Search For”  section to get an insight into your buyers’ queries. 

7. Utilize Social Media Platforms to drive traffic to your website

Even though social media does not directly impact your website’s overall SEO performance, it does positively affect your search ranking as it increases brand exposure. Social media content has the potential to drive quality, organic traffic to your website; it offers your buyer persona useful information, convincing them to visit the actual “source.” Integrate your website with social media platforms to enhance your publicity and, thus, visibility. 

By distributing your content across various platforms, you ensure a longer lifespan of your posts. Meanwhile, you increase your reputation and build your brand authority. Use social media to interact and connect with your clients and actively engage with them to strengthen your relationship. Answer their questions promptly and professionally, and guide them through your products with complementary visuals, videos, or infographics. 

Bonus Tip: For better engagement, enable the chat tool and give them the chance to interact directly with the experts in your industry. Activate your reviews and encourage positive testimonials from your satisfied customers. 

“Nearly 80 percent of people turn to Facebook when they want to find interesting content, and this means there’s a huge opportunity there for you to reach new audiences, attract more prospects, and develop lasting relationships with customers.”- Hubspot 2021

8. Run a Website Audit and Tackle Your Weaknesses

Take care of your overall SEO to help Google and other search engines discover your content. Trust the experts in the field and consult SEO professionals to execute a complete SEO audit that allows you to get insights on every element of your webpage that requires improvement. Discover low-hanging opportunities and prepare an actionable SEO content strategy.

​​By spotting the areas that require improvement, you can instantly achieve better search visibility on the SERPs. Additionally, with in-depth research, you can monitor what your competitors are doing differently. Last, you can provide your audience with a better user experience, optimize your content seamlessly, and accurately target your buyer persona

9. Optimize your Website for Mobile

seo strategy illustration with text "optimize"

Prioritize optimizing your website for mobiles based on the Mobile-First Approach. The Μobile-First Approach is basically as it sounds. Start by designing your website so that it’s functional on the smallest screens and work your way up. It is considered one of the best digital marketing strategies to create a responsive design and adaptive to your users’ expectations.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then search engines won’t categorize your content appropriately, meaning it would be difficult for it to rank and target the right customers. Optimize your codes, your images, your site’s overall architecture, content, buttons, and CTAs. Monitor the technical elements that might disrupt the site’s healthy functionality and offer your users an easy-to-navigate and purchase environment. 

60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using the search results (e.g., “click to call” option). Think with Google, 2019 

Consult the experts in the field to craft a complete SEO strategy tailored to your needs

If you feel ready to put all the above tips into practice but don’t yet know where to start from, then waste no more time and consult the SEO Copywriting Agency’s team of experts. 

Boost your eCommerce revenues quickly and simply see your business grow.

Browse through our SEO Growth Services and pick the one that best suits your vision. Trust us to craft a complete SEO strategy that exceeds your expectations and meets each and every one of your needs. 

Let us help you reach your goals, research your keywords, analyze your competition, and craft pages that accurately correspond to your customers’ needs. 

Your sales growth is literally in our hands.

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