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F. A.Q about our SEO Copywriting Agency

In recent times, SEO copywriting has been named as one of the most effective ways to rank high on Google’s results. Many people believe that SEO Copywriting is an expensive service because they can’t comprehend how much time it requires from the copywriter in order to achieve the best SEO optimised content possible. An SEO copywriter needs to spend time on research, create an outline for the content and perform a revision when it’s done.

Our team consists of both young and senior, well trained and experienced SEO copywriters that can create modern, smart, cost effective and quality content unlike our competitors.

We achieve that by breaking down our prices depending on the word count, type of industry you’re in and delivery time. Get in touch with us and make your inquiries for our price rates.

Usually, our clients will give us an idea of the topic they’re interested about. Then, our SEO copywriters do some thorough research and suggest a number of titles and keywords that can be used successfully on your content strategy.

Before starting the creating process, our SEO copywriters will ask you for approval in order to create the best content possible according to your preferences. As soon as you approve our SEO copywriters’ plan, they start making your SEO copywriting content a reality. 

The reality is that it’s quite difficult finding a good SEO copywriting service as most copywriters tend to create broad and meaningless articles filled with useless information. On top of that, most copywriters are not trained on how to apply SEO Copywriting techniques to their texts and ultimately fail to appear on Google’s results.

Our team makes sure it provides the best quality SEO content possible that will help take your business to the next level. Our Growth SEO copywriting services are personalised according to your industry and personal needs and we ensure that our content original, plagiarism free and SEO optimised to the greatest extent possible.

We select our copywriters depending on the topic of your content, writing style and project requirements.

As soon as we assign a project to one of our SEO copywriters, we can ensure that they will work on it from beginning to end and if you’re satisfied with the results, we can appoint the same copywriter for your future projects.

Most of the time, a project of five texts (500 words/text) maximum can take a week, provided one week’s notice. For bigger projects, we can plan our delivery depending on the volume and the urgency of the project.Contact us to get an accurate timeline for your project.

Once we deliver our work, you are the sole owner of your SEO copywriting content and you can post it wherever you want under your own name.

We have the right to showcase/share our works for you only to other possible clients.

We believe in the quality of our services as they follow the latest guidelines of SEO Copywriting and this is the reason they’re non-refundable.In case you believe our deliverable can be improved in regards to the tone of voice or inaccurate information, than can cause issues to your business, let us know and we will gladly revise it to meet your standards.

Please note that if you decide not to use any of our content, there will be no refund.

We can rewrite a new version of your content in the future at a reduced cost of your original price. Get in touch with us for more information.

In order to decide on the length of the blog post, we need to take a look at your competition. If your competition is low for a specific keyword, your text can even be 500 words and perform quite well on Google’s ranking. On the other hand, if the competition is high, we might have to create texts of more than 3,5 thousand words and even produce more than one blog posts to achieve optimal results.

We can conduct competitive research and come up with a plan that could help your website achieve high rankings.

After completing an SEO copy, our team conducts research for grammar and formatting errors.Then, we check our content through Copyscape plagiarism, an effective software that enables us to see if our work is 100% original.

SEO copywriting as a technique, has occurred from the effective incorporation of Google’s SEO guidelines combined with the traditional copywriting rules.

Yes, we can provide you with royalty free photos from

We can either create a one-off blogpost for your business or take over your website content production and blog. In this second case, we will create a content strategy, carry out the SEO copywriting of all blogs and post them on your website on a monthly basis. In addition, we can produce extra content for your texts such as infographics, explainer videos, listicles etc. with a small extra fee.