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What are the SEO services for startups?

SEO for startups drives quality traffic to your website without having to pay for ads. Make your website more accessible to Google with SEO-friendly content and excellent user experience to get rewarded with higher rankings on SERPs and more organic traffic. With SEO services for startups, we help you get on the road to success faster and compete with the industry’s biggest names!

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How can you achieve your goals with SEO?

We know how important it is to achieve the right KPIs for your business’s viability, which is why we recommend the most efficient SEO services for startups in Greece. With SEO for startups, you connect your content to users’ searches, convincing them that the answers they are looking for are on your website. Through your website’s excellent user experience, you foster strong relationships with the audience, create brand awareness, establish your authority and generate sales leads while steadily moving forward towards success. 

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How can you build the future with SEO for startups?

Did you know that 53.3% of website traffic comes from organic search and not from social media? So instead of spending money on ads and other digital tools, you can leverage SEO for startups and grow your business with a the minimum budget. By integrating targeted keywords into your content and improving your page’s overall quality, you can bring a significant percentage of organic traffic to your website and increase your conversions by up to 400%.

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How to choose the right SEO agency for your startup?

If you want to secure your business’ growth, then you should trust your startup to an agency that specializes in your competitive field and has a deep understanding of KPIs. Turn to the SEO Experts who speak your language, know how to craft business strategies, and use the most up-to-date software tools. Find the experts who can help you successfully navigate your startup through the most effective SEO practices. Choose the SEO Agency that can make your investment in SEO for startups pay off and can maximize the ROI!

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We help you develop your startup through Professional Growth SEO Services. 

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What do our customers say about the SEO services for startups?

Panos K
Panos K@discovergreece
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Στην προσπάθεια μας για να βελτιώσουμε την «εικόνα» που έχουν οι μηχανές αναζήτησης για το newly-redesigned, συνεργαστήκαμε με τo SEOCopywrting Agency. Στο τεχνικό SEO επίπεδο, η ομάδα τους φρόντισε να ερευνήσει εις βάθος το site μας , συγκεντρώνοντας όλα εκείνα τα σημεία που έχρηζαν βελτίωσης - ακόμα και τα πολύ λιγότερο εμφανή - αλλά και δείχνοντάς μας με σαφήνεια την λύση του κάθε ζητήματος. Σε ένα άλλο επίπεδο συνεργασίας, βελτιώσαμε τον τρόπο και τον σκοπό παράγωγής content, ενισχύοντας στρατηγικά την δομή και τα keywords ώστε να είναι περισσότερο SEO friendly. Content is King. Search Engine Optimized content is the Emperor.
Apostolis A.
Apostolis A.@KnowCrunch
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Το SEO copy-writing agency δίνει την προσοχή στη λεπτομέρεια και την ποιότητα που χρειάζεται κάθε brand στην συγγραφή άρθρων. Έτσι θα έχεις εξαιρετικό περιεχόμενο στο web, κατόπιν άριστου keywords research, χωρίς να ανησυχείς για plagiarism και μετριότητα. Well done. ✌
Kathrin V.
Kathrin V.@SantoriniExperts
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We have been using their services twice already, first they rewrote all the tour descriptions for our new website. Souzana was great in understanding the personalized feel we wanted to express. The second time was copywriting a blog post which needed lots of research. We are more than happy with the result that Danai presented to us. The keywords they used and the tone the post is written in are exactly what we had hoped for. Thank you *****
Ruth F.
Ruth F.@SecretParadiseMaldives
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We used their services to update our tour descriptions and to review the keywords we were using. They took time to speak and liaise with us to ensure the tone was in line with our requirements as well as to understand the focus we wanted to maintain within the tour descriptions. Great value, efficient and professional.

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FAQs for SEO for startups

SEO helps your website rank higher in the relevant SERPs to reach your target audience. In addition to increasing organic traffic, SEO connects your business with your potential customers. It is also a helpful tool to gain authority and develop brand awareness. As a very cost-effective practice that lays a solid ground, SEO for startups ensures your viability and your business’s long-term performance. 

SEO services are divided into Growth and Consulting. With Growth SEO Services, you can grow your business through visibility & engagement in search engines. By designing and following a comprehensive SEO strategy, you manage to increase rankings, enhance awareness and achieve even more conversions. Whereas with SEO Consulting Services, you help your in-house team improve your SEO strategy and website. At SEO Copywriting Agency, we are always ready to help you overcome all business obstacles.

The amount of time needed to see actual results is determined by your business’s needs and the level of competition in the industry. However, you should expect the first results in 3-5 months, while the most substantial ones need 6-9 months. In any case, we need to carefully examine your business’s current situation, identify the SEO services and time frame. SEO results take effort and time but pay off. Contact us today to start working with the magic wand called SEO.

We have gathered 5 useful tips for you to grow your business and easily achieve company goals: 

  • Understand the search intent & target commercial, niche keywords 
  • Increase the speed of your website by accelerating page load
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly; if not, optimize it
  • Focus on the quality of your page’s content, not the quantity
  • Identify your industry’s competitors accurately and take action

If you want to increase your business’s conversions and revenues, you should invest in SEO today. To succeed in SEO, you need to start with a comprehensive SEO strategy and goal setting. After that, you can implement the strategy steps while measuring results and optimizing your efforts. If SEO is being implemented correctly, it can reach the desired results and predetermined goals. 

Searching keywords is at the core of SEO strategy. By researching and integrating targeted keywords into your content, you connect with your audience and increase the potential of ranking highly on SERP. Simultaneously, you drive quality traffic to your page, as the users visiting your website have been carefully targeted. Without the right keywords, SEO can prove ineffective and your content indifferent. Searching for targeted keywords is a crucial process and needs special attention and strategic research to bring results.

With On-Page SEO, you optimize your website to be favored both by search engines and your audience. Specifically, you fix damaged URLs, create descriptive titles and SEO-friendly meta-titles, add headings, craft useful and unique content with targeted keywords, optimize images, and add links. Optimizing your website with On-Page SEO saves you money and time as you make a long-term investment that eventually pays off.  

With SEO Copywriting for startups, you connect with your audience while rapidly increasing engagement. By creating SEO-friendly content, you communicate with your potential customers and address their needs. In a few words, you drive traffic and convert it while your unique SEO content has ensured you high rankings in the search results. With SEO Copywriting for startups, you make your business surprisingly sought-after!

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