SEO Agency Guide: All you need to know before hiring SEO experts in 2022

Hire top SEO experts in 2022
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Have you considered asking a professional to help you with the magic wand called SEO? Are you thinking of hiring an SEO agency? At SEO Copywriting Agency we know well that finding the right SEO agency that can boost your sales and drive growth, is an exhaustive process. As the leading SEO agency, we are also aware of the many advantages of outsourcing your SEO to SEO experts.

For this reason, we decided to share our experience and expertise with you. We are here to make everything easier. Read below to find exactly what to look for in an SEO agency and how to take an informative decision. But, before we go any further, let’s do a short recap of what exactly an SEO agency is.

What is an SEO agency? 

An SEO agency exists to help your business grow. If you want to skyrocket your business on the top of search results and of users’ preferences, you don’t need rocket science but a dedicated team of SEO experts who can do the job for you. An SEO agency’s job is to work with you and by making you visible to the search engines and valuable to the users, bring you leads, store visits, purchases, and reputation. 

In brief, the definition of an SEO agency is a team of SEO professionals, who through a range of services, from creating your SEO strategy to creating content, boosts your visibility to search engines, driving more traffic, and converting leads to customers. The result is that you reach your business goals at a minimal cost.

SEO seems like a magic wand but the truth is that behind lie numerous technical and creative processes. In fact, it is a process that needs skills, specialization, and agility, as algorithms change continuously and the machines and users become more and more demanding. As a matter of fact, an SEO agency has a highly-specialized team of SEO experts to realize your dream goals. 

While most SEO agencies undertake every step of the process, so you don’t need to hire different agencies, there are some niche SEO agencies. These agencies offer specific copywriting, technical, or even local SEO services, and since we want you to be fully informed, we present them below. Obviously, you don’t have to hire a different SEO agency for the different SEO techniques but you can address your goals to one which can help you with everything.

What is an SEO copywriting agency?

An SEO copywriting agency has the know-how to bring you quality traffic, mainly through content optimization. This niche agency works on engaging customers and convincing them to take action. Actions vary from subscribing to your newsletter to buying your products. In the long run, they create trust and place you as a leader in the market in which you operate. 

An SEO copywriting agency must address the demands of users and machines. Remember that Google knows what people think of your content as they measure the clicks on your website and the bounce rate. Using audits and keyword research, the SEO copywriters make your personalized plan, create compelling content and place keywords in the content, meta-tags, URLs, images while building authoritative links. But as we analyzed above, SEO doesn’t stop here. There is another aspect, the technical one, and it is just as compelling.

What is a technical SEO agency?

We cannot stress enough how important good SEO copywriting is, but SEO has a technical side. Since you have crafted amazing content for users, now you need to ensure that search engines can read it as well. A technical SEO agency is not here to create your outstanding content but to help you with the demanding search engine spiders crawling your website. The job of this agency is to optimize websites and servers, ensuring that every on-site element of your website is configured and according to the UX rules. In that way, spiders crawl more efficiently which translates to rendering, better indexing, and better rankings – your ultimate goal. 

Though crucial, most websites are not tested for search engine friendliness, and errors have a serious impact on their rankings. A technical SEO agency starts with a site audit to help with upgrading your website and correcting errors such as duplicate content, page loading, page speed, mobile-friendliness, and broken links. Though we tend to ignore technical SEO, it is not less important, as search engines reserve preferential treatment for optimized websites. Overall, investing in technical SEO maximizes the user experience, your search engine visibility, and your organic traffic. Our suggestion: don’t ignore it. 

What is a local SEO agency?

If you want to fuel your company’s growth and drive in-store visits and online sales, then you need to target your specific geographic area. Your local SEO agency focuses on making your business stand out in your immediate area by targeting the buyer persona who is close to your store and help you earn top search engine rankings. Note that if you appear on top of the search results, then you get 33% of clicks. If you rank 2nd or 3rd, then you take 11%. Imagine how this translates to sales. 

Yet to achieve rankings and gain customers, your local SEO agency crafts first a location strategy for your business, creates valuable keyword-enriched content, and helps you with your reviews. Their job is to list you on various search engines, including Google My Business, and make sure to keep you active. In fact, 46% of all Google searches are local, but only 56% of local retailers are on Google My Business. If you want to rank highly on local SEO and have customers visiting your store and buying, then you need the latest local SEO tactics.

How does an SEO agency work?

Every SEO agency is different but the right process starts in communicating with you and understanding your company’s philosophy. The second step depends on whether you want to optimize a new website, an older but small website, or finally an older but large website. The onboarding stage is crucial for the next steps we will describe. Each of these steps is part of the process, but as a customer, you can choose which services to employ.

SEO Optimization of new websites

If you are interested in optimizing a new website, then it is all about SEO-friendly architecture, structuring your site’s navigation and URL hierarchy. If your website’s architecture makes it hard for search engines and visitors to navigate, then regardless of how amazing the content is, you will not rank well. SEO experts must start by creating your overall SEO content strategy and then your keywords strategy. Finally, SEO experts craft the content and implement it on the new website. 

SEO Optimization of existing websites

On the contrary, if you have an older small website, then the first thing you need is an SEO audit. An SEO audit evaluates your website in terms of visibility and helps you prioritize your actions to improve organic traffic. The SEO agency is responsible for developing a strategy to optimize the existing web pages and to create the texts to help you rank. 

However, if your website is older but large, then you need a deep technical SEO audit to identify your site’s health issues. The SEO agency will provide you with a guide on these and do a content audit to identify which web pages rank and which don’t. When they have all the information, they can craft the strategy for on-page optimization and set the ranking targets. If you choose, they can implement and even further create a content strategy, new texts, monitor, and report the results and the competition.

What SEO services can an SEO agency offer?

An SEO agency is a highly-specialized agency. Regardless of your business model, the experts of your SEO agency are here to help you rank. An SEO agency can offer both copywriting and technical SEO services, though some chose to specialize in one of the sectors.  

Growth SEO Services

SEO is not about sending you traffic; it is about sending you the right traffic, the audience your business needs. And it’s not enough to get users to visit your website or your store; you need to convert them into actual customers. SEO experts identify opportunities and potential and turn leads into customers.

The SEO agency targets every step of the customer journey, from their first click to target users with the right messages and maximize growth. SEO experts give answers to customer queries and their needs, provide them with the necessary information, inspire them and build relationships. 

Growth Services always start with both a technical SEO and SEO content audit and focus on every little detail to create your personalized SEO and SEO Content Strategy. Finally, the SEO agency is responsible for creating stellar content with the aid of the SEO Copywriting experts and implementing on-page optimization. As can be seen, growth SEO Services build your brand from the ground up.

Consulting SEO Services

Consulting SEO services refer to the services that give answers and advise you and your business team. The consulting growth SEO services can be in the form of a guide, a workshop or even a short telephone call. In the first case, your SEO consultant conducts an audit on your website and shows your team how to make the necessary alterations themselves. You can also consult SEO experts any moment you have a strategy or technical problem. Any moment you and your team feel stuck, SEO consultants are always there to give you the best solution.

Of course, consulting SEO services may also include a more holistic approach, such as SEO workshops. Through an SEO workshop, your in-house team can learn all the SEO secrets with the aid of experts. It is a powerful addition of skills, as your team can conduct themselves technical SEO and know how to write SEO-friendly content. Consulting is a way of building skills and empowering the corporate team.

Technical SEO Services

Search engine algorithms change frequently, and website ranking becomes more complicated. In order to succeed, you must keep up with the changes while ensuring there are no hidden errors. The problem is that you never know what you really need unless you look for it. An SEO agency ensures that your website does not fall behind, it is fine-tuned with the constantly changing algorithms, and does not lose invaluable traffic and rankings. 

SEO agencies achieve this by auditing your site, fixing all the things that don’t work, and rebuilding the structure. They are responsible for monitoring and maintaining your website and apply the best practices in crawling, indexing, structure, penalty recovery, and speed. Competitor analysis could not be left out. You need to know what you are up against and how to fight. Technical SEO makes all your SEO efforts matter.

Why do you need an SEO agency now?

An SEO agency is like your trusted accountant. You need him to do all the important work and free yourself to do other demanding tasks for your business. If you want to send your message to your future customers, build a relationship with them, to show your authority, and see your revenues rise, then an SEO agency is the key. You may already be collaborating with a digital marketing agency that is handling your site or social media, but an SEO agency can come in to fill the gaps of your digital strategy, as SEO is challenging even for digital marketers.

SEO demands its own strategy. You may think that you can cut costs by having someone edit your meta-tags and your pages to make them more keyword focused but what about keeping your brand’s voice and making it engaging? How are you going to be certain that they have added the right keywords and that your money is paying off? The problem with SEO is that you don’t need one thing; you need a cohesive strategy and a series of serious processes, which demands specialization, time, and consonant alternations. On the whole, SEO is an investment that brings travelers to book tours with you, demanding customers to buy your niche products and enthusiastic followers to your new innovative venture. 

How to choose an SEO agency?

Whether you work or own a boutique hotel, a promising startup, a digital marketing agency, or anything in between, you want the answer to the million-dollar question: How do I choose the right SEO agency that can give me the best ROI?

First, you need to be very clear on your goals and your budget. Then you need to search and meet with SEO agencies. It is essential to have prepared questions to make your decision-making process easier. So, let’s dive into the questions to help you bring on the ideal SEO agency without further ado.

1. What is your SEO process?

It might seem like a simplistic question, but it can help you understand how the SEO agency works. You should focus not just on the techniques but also on whether they have a strategic approach. Furthermore, you can ask them to elaborate on the latest tools and tactics or ask for a more detailed analysis of how SEO will improve your ROI. With that additional question, you may shine a light on whether they use obsolete techniques.

2. What kind of work can you do on my Site?

Make sure the agency includes details on providing recommendations around technical issues, improving on-page elements, optimizing existing content, creating a content strategy, writing cutting edge SEO-friendly original content. Bonus points if the agency mentions both quick wins and long-term growth.

3. Have you worked with similar clients?

It is always nice to see apt results from past clients within your industry, though agencies can be versatile. Ask for case studies and content creation featuring one of their recent clients. If they don’t have recent work in your industry, find out how they are planning to gain the knowledge they need about your company’s industry.

4. How do you measure success?

You cannot succeed unless you measure, and you have to measure accurately. Ask them to analyze their reporting system and the tools they use for SEO performance and results. It is a complex process that requires measuring a great number of parameters from page speed to keyword ranking. If they are focused on measuring, you can expect a lot from them. 

5. When should I expect results?

SEO is, as are the majority of digital marketing techniques, a long-term investment. Even if you apply all the right tactics and create killer content, you will not see things change overnight. So if an SEO agency promises you to bring results in a month’s time, they have raised a red flag. The answer depends on your current website health, online competition and amount of investment you can allocate monthly. 

6. How much do your services cost?

The most burning question should be left for last. SEO agency pricing always depends on several factors, including the amount of work, the services, and the contract SEO. A cheap package should work as a warning for you, as implementing SEO correctly is more than a complex task. Remember that SEO is an investment. Finally, apart from SEO agency pricing, you should discuss in advance payment methods. 

How to hire an SEO agency?

You have met them, you have evaluated their answers, now it is time for you to choose. Start with a clear understanding of what you’re looking for and include all stakeholders in the process of hiring an SEO agency. It is better if you all reach a unanimous decision. By the end of the rigorous process, make sure you all agree on what to expect from an agency. A good SEO agency will tell you everything they will need from you to be successful. It is important that together you make a great team.

SEO agency checklist

  1. Specialization
  2. Experience
  3. Strategic mindset
  4. SEO Services offered
  5. Realistic goals
  6. Reporting
  7. Reasonable pricing
  8. Quality
  9. Innovation
  10. Creativity
  11. Excellent reviews
  12. Enticing portfolio
  13. Proven record
  14. Performance tools

How much does an SEO agency cost?

SEO agency pricing is complicated and depends on numerous factors. SEO agency pricing can start at €500 for small websites. It also depends on the number of services you need, on the work, and whether you choose a one-off service or a monthly retainer. Monthly retainers tend to be cheaper and most effective since you have a team of SEO experts working continuously on your goals.

If it is a one-off service, it is more expensive since the SEO experts must implement their plan to help you optimize your website. Since all web pages must be fine-tuned to the needs of constantly changing search engines algorithms in order to rank, you must make new alternations in the future. Whichever payment plan you choose, make sure it brings your ROI. The best way to approach this is to ask agencies how they price their services but remember to ask for tailor-made services and not packages since you don’t know if they apply to your needs.

How to brief an SEO agency?

At the start of SEO promotion, the client and the SEO agency team must be on the same wavelength. They need to accurately understand each other, the goals and objectives of the promotion. For this, a quality SEO brief is indispensable. When you brief your SEO agency, there are 6 specific elements you should give them.

  1. Your goals: Tell them what you want to achieve.
  2. Your brand: Help them grasp your company’s culture, your mission, your vision, your voice.
  3. Your target audience: Describe the audience you are working with and which audience you are planning to target.
  4. Your competitors: Help them with your competitors. Indicate the right ones.
  5. Your budget: Be honest with your budget and whether you are planning to increase it. 
  6. Your SEO history: Let them know if you have attempted to use SEO before.

SEO agency reviews

If you can’t find them on their website or their Google page, or even their social media, you should ask for it. Reviews are essential to help you understand the way they cooperate with their clients. Also, websites are listing all SEO agencies with client reviews, so you can take a lot of information from there as well. Shine a little light on your future partners to understand what to expect from them. 

SEO agency blog

An SEO agency’s blog is a great way to understand which agency is that right for you. The majority of SEO agencies have blogs with interesting, valuable content to help you with your lonely SEO efforts. It is also an opportunity for them to show you the celebrated work. It is also a great place to become familiar with SEO definitions and tools so that you have a concrete view of the job you want for your business.

How can SEO Copywriting Agency help me?

At SEO Copywriting Agency, we understand how important growth is for you. We have helped numerous businesses around the globe achieve their goals, and we are here to free your hands from the demanding SEO task. The art and science of SEO is our passion. We work with dedication, creativity, and expertise to offer you unparalleled SEO services. We combine data to unique and fresh content. We focus on results, and we provide stellar SEO services at great rates. At SEO Copywriting Agency, we are ready to work with you to succeed  your dream goals. Contact an expert today!

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