Discover premier SEO techniques to create appealing and user-friendly tour descriptions on your website

SEO for tour descriptions
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Boost your sales with the absolute Tour Descriptions Guide 2022 by SEO Copywriting Agency 


Over the years, the tourism industry has become particularly popular and extremely competitive, with many businesses and tour operators trying to attract new customers through innovative digital marketing methods. Even though travel agencies keep investing in tourism marketing, it seems that their bookings and vacation packages remain relatively limited. 

People tend to turn to advertising without previously optimizing their business’s website, and, as a result, they clearly fail to engage with and target their potential customers. Optimizing a business’s website and creating exciting SEO-friendly tour descriptions can help your pages rank high on the search engines and appear faster on Google’s results.

Keep reading to find out how to optimize your tour descriptions and seamlessly:


  • Improve your online presence
  • Increase your organic traffic 
  • Appeal to more travelers
  • Target your buyer persona
  • Convert your leads into sales 
  • Boost your website bookings

Find out the top SEO techniques in the field of tourism marketing.  Adjust your content to your customers’ needs and expectations, increase your traffic, and rank on top of Google’s search results today. Follow the ultimate SEO Tour Descriptions Guide and start making a profit.


What are SEO-friendly tour descriptions?


The descriptions of your webpage function as the primary means of advertising for your tourism enterprise. By creating detailed travel descriptions, you explain to the readers what your services are about, what is included, and why they differ from your competitors. The aim is to convince your potential buyer persona that your services meet their expectations and cater to their needs. 

The difference between SEO-friendly and simple tour descriptions is that in the former, you purposefully target and inject specific keywords into your content that travelers are intentionally looking for. By implementing the specialized SEO for travel website techniques, you help your website become visible to Google, increase your organic traffic, improve your rankings on the SERPs and boost your online bookings. 

Why is writing SEO-friendly tour descriptions important? 

Writing SEO-friendly descriptions is particularly essential for generating traffic on your website. Add optimized tour descriptions, list your services visually and increase your business’s reputation and online presence. 

SEO for tourism marketing

Implementing some of the most effective SEO techniques, such as keyword injection, into your copy helps you get rewarded first by Google with a higher ranking on the search results page and later on by your customers! Remember that the higher your website appears in the search engines, the more reliable it looks, and thus the more leads you can organically generate. 

Write optimized tour descriptions to:

  • Attract new leads and convert them into customers 
  • Build a user-friendly and easy to navigate travel website
  • Showcase a structured content organization of services
  • Rank high on the SERPs and improve your online presence
  • Increase your website’s organic traffic effectively 


How to write SEO-friendly tour descriptions?

Now let’s imagine that you have drafted your most exciting tour itinerary, yet it doesn’t make up for the bookings you expected. Have you ever thought that the description copy might be to blame for this? Writing a tour description is not an easy task, as it should be a unique piece that stands out from all your competitors. 

Learn how to create the most impressive descriptions, attract new visitors and convert them into customers. Apply the following successful SEO techniques to your copy and see your business grow seamlessly. Let’s start.

1. Target your buyer persona


Before you start crafting your descriptions, it’s crucial to identify who you’re addressing. Have a specific audience in mind, craft your ideal buyer persona, and tailor the content and style of your descriptions to their needs. What kind of excursions would your audience be interested in? What would your potential buyer type on the search engines when searching for these tours? 

By using the right keywords and injecting them into your content, you help Google identify your content and match it with relevant user queries. Consequently, your content gets indexed and pops up on the generated results page. 

2. Adjust your tone of voice


Maintain a specific and consistent tone of voice across all your descriptions. Be consistent and use the right language to further engage with your potential audience. Keep in mind the future buyer you’re addressing and target their needs through your tone. 

Humorous, relaxing, friendly, or formal, whichever style you choose, make sure you adapt it accordingly on your major communication platforms, from your website to social media. Connect with your audience and build trust to ensure they choose you amongst your competitors. 

3. Opt for a comprehensive and straightforward writing style

When people browse the net looking for trips and excursions, they expect to read simple and easily understood content without complex vocabulary or unusual terms. They are looking for tour descriptions to catch their attention and even convince them to book right on the same day. 

So, when crafting your tour itinerary description, create easy-to-read and eye-catching descriptions and avoid using pretentious words or complicated adjectives. Start your descriptions with verbs and use the active voice – ideally imperative- to make your speech more vivid.

4. Keep a structure consistency across your webpages

Follow a specific layout in all the tour descriptions of your website, and organize your excursions visually, making sure you include and highlight the vital information. Start with a short paragraph and introduce the reader to the tour and the services they are about to book. 

Describe the tour in detail and use bullet points to highlight your core attributes and unique selling points. Of course, you should definitely include the detailed program of the excursion in chronological order, as well as the tour’s inclusions and exclusions.

SEO Copywriting Tip: Start all your sentences with a verb to motivate the reader to take action!

SEO Copywriting Pro-tip

5. Research your keywords


Carry out detailed keyword research and identify your focus and supportive keywords with the largest search volume. Keep in mind that descriptions of excursions that do not target specific keywords are difficult to rank in search engine results and are therefore not easily accessible by potential users. 

Use an online tool to get better insights into your company’s niche and choose the keywords that best correspond to your services. Once you’ve come up with specific keywords that answer people’s queries, place them methodically in your content. 

6. Inject your keywords tactfully into your copy


Incorporate your thoughtfully selected keywords into your texts. Target the terms and the queries that your potential buyer persona would type and spread them across your texts by highlighting their usage. Use long-tail keywords and place them in the title, the first paragraph, headings, meta-title, and meta-description, as well as the rest of the text. 

Avoid stuffing but make sure you use your keywords adequately to cover your audience’s queries properly. Bear in mind that stuffing can be considered spam and thus be blocked by Google.

7. Include impressive imagery


A picture is worth a thousand words, so beautify your tour descriptions with impressive images that help your readers mentally travel to dreamy destinations. If you haven’t already done so, consider approaching a professional photographer for your tours, as imagery impacts your website’s accessibility and future success. 

Make sure your images have good resolution, are the right size, and “lure” the reader to places they would like to travel to. Research which images your competitors use and choose something different to stand out. Learn how to write Alt-texts and optimize your photos for better results. 

8. Double-check your content before and after publishing


Before publishing your texts, it is imperative to read them again and again to make sure there are no mistakes. Take the time to check spelling and syntax errors, omissions, or dive deeper to investigate potential SEO-related problems. 

Pay attention to detail because it can make a difference. Of course, you should do the same after you publish them, as you may need to modify minor issues and keep your content up-to-date. Monitor your content frequently to ensure it is still up to your audience’s and Google’s standards. 


How can an SEO agency help you craft optimized tour descriptions?


Contact an SEO agency and consult the experts in the field to write descriptions that boost your profit and increase your audience engagement. Target your potential buyer persona seamlessly by crafting a comprehensive tourism marketing strategy with targeted SEO techniques and carefully selected keywords. 

Keep in mind that writing optimized tour descriptions is not an easy task, as most SEO techniques are very demanding and require relevant training and background knowledge. Find the right SEO Agency and let the experts conduct the proper competitor analysis and trust them to guide you for an absolutely user-friendly description of your services.


How did SEO Copywriting Agency improve the tour descriptions of


In November 2020, we started collaborating with the tour provider Santorini Experts to increase organic traffic and boost sales through their website before the summer season. To give you a taste of our “recipe of success,” we present below the techniques we have successfully implemented into our SEO copywriting process to optimize our client’s tour descriptions. Prepare to “copy-paste” the secret sauce of how we skyrocketed Santorini Experts tour descriptions. 

Let’s now see our SEO processes in 5 simple steps that led to our client’s growth and sales increase. 

1. We targeted the right buyer persona

SEO Techniques for tour descriptions-2

2. We researched and selected our keywords strategically

SEO Techniques for Tour Descriptions-1

After having a comprehensive understanding of their buyer persona, we conducted thorough research and chose our keywords wisely. By using advanced online software, we got further insights and data into our client’s niche-related keywords. For Santorini Experts, we decided to select focus and supportive keywords with relatively low search volume and low to medium keyword difficulty. We did this because even though the very niche keywords have a smaller search volume, people who search for them are more likely to convert to paying customers. 

So, for one of their tours, we chose “Santorini wine tour” to be our focus keyword,  as it has a remarkable volume (40) and a low-medium keyword difficulty (11), which interprets positively since it’s a keyword typically typed by potential visitors of Santorini. In the same way, we approached the rest of the tour descriptions. 

3. We injected our keywords and optimized the content 

SEO Techniques for tour descriptions-3

In the next step, we optimized Santorini Experts’ then-current texts using the selected keywords. We proceeded with creating attractive and impressive descriptions that spoke to the heart of their potential clients. The process included keyword injection in the texts and adjusting the overall tone of voice accordingly. 

Our goals for Santorini Experts were to boost their website on SERP results, attract more clicks by optimizing the meta-titles and meta-descriptions, and, of course, convince the visitors to book directly from the website by highlighting the unique selling points (USP) of each tour. 

4. We managed to rank higher on Google day after day 

SEO Techniques for tour descriptions-4

We soon saw our efforts getting praised by Google and other search engines. The on-page SEO website optimization we carried out at the “Wine Tour in Santorini paired with Gourmet Food” skyrocketed the keyword “Santorini wine tour” from the 24th position to the 16th within two months, and that was only the beginning. 

Apart from the primary keyword, the supportive keywords used in the copy have also steadily risen in Google’s rankings over time; “Santorini wine tours” was at that point ranking in the 15th place while the keyword “wine tour Santorini” ranked in the 12th place. 

5. We increased the website’s conversion rate

We take pride in achieving organic ranking and traffic significantly by adapting simple SEO techniques to the overall copywriting processes. The SEO methodology implemented in the tour descriptions and blog of Santorini Experts has contributed to promoting the website’s services and boosted organic traffic by attracting the right audience and persuading it to trust Santorini Experts for their tours and activities and experiences in Santorini. 

Our SEO actions paid off and still continue to do so, with Santorini Experts occasionally ranking in the top 10 on Google’s search results page. Today, our client ranks among the first positions of Google’s results for the desired countries, attracting daily visitors who choose our tour provider for their unique and very well-targeted services.

Why choose SEO Copywriting Agency to optimize your tour descriptions?


At SEO Copywriting Agency, we have collaborated with many travel agencies and tour providers in Greece and abroad, undertaking the job of crafting their website descriptions. 

SEO Growth Services is a smart method effectively applied to tourism marketing, with the aim to increase your quality traffic, promote your brand and boost your online sales. 

Our experience in the field, our constantly trained team of experts, and our deep SEO knowledge make us stand out amongst our competitors. 

We’re looking forward to collaborating with you and crafting the most exciting descriptions that meet your and your audience’s expectations

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