What is SEO content strategy?

What is SEO content strategy
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What is SEO content strategy?

Ever thought about what is an SEO content strategy and why it is so important for your online business? 

Can’t understand how SEO content strategy works and need a simple explanation in a few words?

Read our What is an SEO content strategy Content Bite Blogpost and learn in less than 800 words all you need to know about what an SEO content strategy is, why it is important and how it works! 

(Bonus: Keep reading and find out 12 actionable SEO tips that will help to get more organic traffic in 2022)

SEO content strategy definition in digital marketing

An SEO content strategy refers to the process of identifying the pain points of specific buyer persona, conducting extensive keyword research, and thoroughly crafting content that both search engine bots and humans understand. The end goal is to increase a website’s authority, visibility, traffic, and thus, online revenues.  

SEO Content Strategy

 How SEO content strategy works


SEO content strategy is primarily linked with on-page SEO. This type of SEO focuses on the content that’s hosted on your website, and the ways to optimize it, to enhance the website’s ranking for specific keywords. Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify your customers’ pain points
  2. Search for relevant keywords
  3. Map the customer’s intent of keywords
  4. Choose the right type of content
  5. Craft appealing and in-depth content
  6. Design an extensive link-building plan
  7. Implement, review, and update

Keep in mind that every business has distinct goals. It’s an SEO copywriting agency’s responsibility to perform thorough keyword research, identify your customer’s pain points,and design a high-quality SEO content strategy to advance your business’s profitability.

Why SEO content strategy is important

An SEO content strategy is a vital piece of the puzzle for your business’s growth because it’s essentially the process of maximizing the pair of eyes (meaning the customers) that are going to discover and interact with your website.

If your content is poor in relevant keywords, search engine bots will have a very difficult time indexing your site, identifying your area of authority, and ranking your website pages. In plain English, your website is not going to get substantial traffic to convert into buyers.

Furthermore, having an SEO content strategy is crucial to stay on track when creating content. Rather than simply writing based on what you believe people want, a strategy guarantees that you are producing content that people are looking for so you don’t waste your time and efforts.

Best SEO Content Audit tips for 2022

Best SEO content strategy tips for 2022

These 9 actionable SEO content strategy tips will assist to boost your organic traffic in 2022: 

  1. Utilize Emerging Search Trends
  2. Share Keyword-Enriched Customer Stories
  3. Select topics based on “business potential”
  4. Align with the 3 Cs of search intent
  5. Repurpose your website content
  6. Add “link triggers” to your content
  7. Update your content, constantly
  8. Don’t plainly focus on word count
  9. Develop content hubs

Find out why your website’s SEO content strategy is not working and receive actionable, free guidance

FAQs about what is SEO content strategy 

An SEO strategy is a detailed plan for increasing a website’s search engine rankings in order to generate more organic traffic. This strategy should be built on various pillars, including technical SEO, content strategy, on-page SEO, link building, and user experience.

Before SEO copywriting begins, a thorough SEO content strategy is necessary. Such a strategy is vital because it allows you to analyze and define your buyer persona and it determines your company’s niche keywords users are searching for and you need to include in your content. 

  • Research your niche
  • Set your objectives
  • Make a list of targeted topics
  • Compile a list of relevant keywords
  • Utilize keyword research tools
  • Identify the search intent
  • Incorporate long-tail keywords.
  • Research your competitors.

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