What is SEO Content Audit?

What is SEO Content Audit
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What is SEO Content Audit

Ever thought about what is SEO Content Audit and why it is so important for your online business? 

Can’t understand how SEO Content Audit works and need a simple explanation in a few words?

Read our What is SEO Content Audit Content Bite Blogpost and learn in less than 800 words all you need to know about what is SEO Content Audit, why it is important and how it works! 

(Bonus: Keep reading and find out 7 actionable SEO Content Audit tips that will help to get more organic traffic in 2022)

SEO Content Audit definition in digital marketing

In simple terms, an SEO content audit is the process of methodically analyzing and evaluating all of your website’s content. The goal is to identify strengths and weaknesses in your SEO content strategy and keyword use. Furthermore, it shows how to fix your website’s content to achieve higher rankings in search engine results, soar website traffic, and boost your conversion rate.

Headings provide crucial information about the hierarchy and relevance of your content to both visitors and search engines.

What is SEO Content Audit in a nutshell

How SEO Content Audit works


An SEO content audit is the process of evaluating current content on your website in order to optimize it and climb up the rankings in Google’s results. It aims to determine which content should be kept, which should be updated, and which should be discarded. Here are the six fundamental steps for an effective SEO content audit:

  1. Define the goals – The end goals could be to improve your website’s SEO health score or create new content strategy.
  2. Decide on the data – The essential data to check are organic traffic, keyword rankings and keyword intent per page, page length, correct use of meta-data, etc.
  3. Create a content inventory – Collect the page URLs you’ll be analyzing, and catalog the content based on the customer’s journey stage, the type, or the format.
  4. Collect and analyze data – Utilize an SEO Audit Tool to gather and review all the vital metrics. The most popular are Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Ahrefs.
  5. Develop an action plan – Create a thorough action plan for every URL. Decide which content should be optimized and which should be scrapped because it’s hurting your website performance.
  6. Tailor the SEO content strategy – Based on the SEO Content Audit, steer your content and keyword strategy in the direction that attracts more quality prospects and boosts revenue.

Why SEO Content Audit is important


It might seem like a nice-to-have process, but in reality, an SEO content audit is vital for your business. Hiring an experienced SEO agency to perform a content audit will help you get a greater grasp of content optimization opportunities and indicate which issues should be fixed.

In fact, frequently performing audits will assist in identifying the website content and URLs that harm your business’ profits. Content audits help you enhance your content strategy by:

  • Identifying underperforming pages because of wrong keywords or type of content
  • Discovering overachieving content that you don’t need any edits at all
  • Updating and optimizing on-page SEO and meta-data on every page
  • Crafting a new content strategy based on new data and trends
Best what is SEO Content Audit tips for 2022

Best SEO Content Audit tips for 2022

These 7 actionable SEO Content Audit tips will help to get generate more organic traffic in 2022:

  1. Assess content based on traffic and conversion rate
  2. Update and optimize underperforming website content
  3. Examine the health of backlinks used in website content
  4. Enrich on-page SEO content with intent-targeted keywords
  5. Focus on crafting compelling, high-converting content
  6. Utilize SEO Audit Tools and take actions based on data
  7. Capitalize on competitors’ content gaps and keyword data

Find out your website’s SEO health score and receive actionable, free guidance

FAQs about what is SEO Content Audit

SEO audit services are expert services provided by an experienced SEO Agency that assesses your site’s SEO health, including technical, off-page, and on-page SEO.  Based on the results, the SEO Agency designs an SEO strategy in order to boost rankings, traffic, and conversions.

An SEO content strategy is the process of identifying the specific pain areas of a buyer persona, performing comprehensive keyword research, and methodically implementing SEO Copywriting techniques to craft content that search engine bots understand and people love to read.

There are several SEO Audit Tools to detect your website’s content inefficiencies that influence your business’ performance. Some of the most regularly used tools are AhRefs, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. SEO experts possess the strategic and experienced mindsets to use qualitative analysis to use such tools to not only see the data but also to correctly interpret the findings.

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