What is SEO Audit?

What is SEO audit
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What is SEO Audit

Ever thought about what is SEO Audit and why it is so important for your online business? 

Can’t understand how SEO Audit works and need a simple explanation in a few words?

Read our What is SEO Audit Content Bite Blogpost and learn in less than 800 words all you need to know about what is SEO Audit, why it is important and how it works! 

(Bonus: Keep reading and find out 11 actionable SEO Audit  tips that will help to get more organic traffic in 2022)

SEO Audit definition in digital marketing

An SEO audit is a thorough examination of the factors that impact your website’s performance and ranking in search engines’ organic results. In simple terms, an audit is the process of identifying problems that may hinder your website from ranking on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It consists of three fundamental stages:

  • Technical SEO audit
  • Off-page SEO audit
  • Content audit

An SEO Audit is the process of identifying problems that may hinder your website from ranking on Search Engine Results Page.

What is SEO audit in a nutshell

How SEO Audit works


An SEO Audit consists of numerous layers, including technical back-end factors, keyword analysis, and on-page and off-page features that influence your audience’s ability to browse your website effortlessly and successfully – a factor that impacts your ranking on search engines.

The objective of the audit is to pinpoint as many website core flaws that negatively affect organic search performance as possible. To assist you in understanding even more, a comprehensive audit provides answers to questions like the following:

  • Do the keywords of your website match your buyer persona’s intent? 
  • Is your copy well-structured and in sync with Google’s algorithm changes?
  • Are your meta-descriptions compelling, and do they follow Google’s guidelines?
  • What about your ALT texts & visuals? Are the images you’re using fully optimized?
  • Do you have any links that lead to other websites? Do they all operate properly?

Why an SEO Audit is important

In a nutshell, an audit is a “health check” for your website. It’s especially crucial because it identifies issues with your website’s overall SEO performance and offers you statistical reports on problems that you can fix and start ranking for immediately. It’s a vital procedure to identify your strengths and shortcomings from the following perspectives:

  • Technical SEO audit –  enables you to determine how functional your website is from a technical standpoint.
  • Off-page SEO audit – tracks and assists you in analyzing how off-site activities, such as link building, impact your performance.
  • Content audit (also known as On-page SEO audit) – crawls the visible aspects of your website, such as the content structure, overall copy, images, and keywords.

If your site can't be crawled and indexed effectively, or if it contains broken links, you'll be losing organic traffic, meaning losing potential customers.

Danai Koukoulommati - Co-founder and Head of Growth, SEO Copywriting Agency Tweet
Best what is SEO Audit tips for 2022

Best SEO Audit tips for 2022


These 11 actionable SEO audit tips will help generate more organic traffic in 2022: 

  1. Examine if your website is mobile-friendly
  2. Confirm only one version of your website is indexed
  3. Locate and remove broken pages on your website
  4. Examine organic traffic and enhance your On-Page SEO
  5. Increase the effectiveness of your internal links
  6. Identify if your keywords match the right user search intent 
  7. Use structured data in blog posts for featured snippets
  8. Work on optimizing user experience (UX) signals
  9. Flatten the architecture of your website
  10. Make use of an SEO audit service
  11. Create a monthly keyword rank tracking & reporting

Find out your website’s SEO health score and receive actionable, free guidance 

FAQs about what is SEO Audit 

Since your website serves as the “hub” of your online brand, it’s vital to conduct frequent audits to confirm everything is in working condition. Because of the continual content update of your website and Google’s periodic algorithm changes, audits should be performed on a regular basis. We recommend that your website should be audited at least once a year.

A professional audit for medium and large-sized websites could take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. An experienced SEO agency can offer a complete SEO audit service, meaning they analyze the data for you and assist in developing an action plan to improve your rankings and profits. The timeframe is determined by the number of pages on your website.

Various SEO Audit Tools enable you to crawl your website and identify some of the most prevalent inefficiencies affecting your performance. The most commonly used tools are:

  • AhRefs
  • ​​ScreamingFrog
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google PageSpeed Insights

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