What is long-form content?

What is long-form content
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What is long-form content?

Ever thought about what long-form content is and why it is so important for your online business?

Can’t understand how long-form content works and need a simple explanation in a few words?

Read our “What is long-form content” Content Bite Blogpost and learn in less than 800 words all you need to know about long-form content, why it is crucial, and how it works!

(Bonus: Keep reading and find out 9 actionable SEO tips that will help to get more organic traffic in 2022)

Long-form content definition in digital marketing

Even though the opinions may vary, in digital marketing, we define long-form content as any piece of content with a minimum length of 1000 words. The highest limit depends on numerous aspects, including the main topic, scope, intended purposes, and target audience.

In a nutshell, long-form content provides comprehensive and analytical information about a specific topic. It facilitates readers that want to take a deep dive into a subject to find thorough answers to a particular problem.

Anything under 1,000 words is considered short-form content. This is how we describe it, but definitions differ. It's acceptable if you consider anything less than 500 words to be short-form material.

What is long-form content in a nutshell

How long-form content works

Crafting effective long-form content that ranks and achieves your business goals is challenging. A common misconception is that you just need to create lengthy, stuffed with keywords blog posts for long-form content to perform. In fact, you need way more than that.

The first step before starting writing content is to design an all-inclusive SEO content strategy, identify the pain points of your buyer persona, build a thorough keyword strategy and leverage the techniques of SEO copywriting to produce compelling content.

Once you have the strategy ready, make sure you check the following boxes, so your efforts won’t be in vain. To craft long-form content that skyrockets your rankings on the SERPs, here’s what to do:

  • Determine a precise business goal you want to accomplish
  • Choose the right content format based on the keyword intent
  • Define a specific topic and divide your main points into sections
  • Use an intriguing introduction that appeals to the reader’s interest\
  • Break up long stretches of text using headings and subheadings
  • Include compelling call-to-actions across your whole content

Why long-form content is important 

Essentially, producing effective long-form content will assist you in achieving plenty of your business goals. Crafting thorough, lengthy content helps you receive more organic traffic, gain higher rankings on the SERPs, enhance your brand authority by showcasing your industry experience, and eventually boost your business profits.

Are you wondering why long-form content performs better on the SERPs? It’s because Google favors sites that have a longer dwell time and long-form content does precisely this. It provides your readers with more content to consume, soars the average session duration, and assists the visitors to engage more with your website and business. 

Overall, you should invest in long-form content to:

  • Receive higher rankings
  • Enhance your brand authority
  • Boost evergreen content
  • Drive more social shares
Best what is long-form tips for 2022

Best long-form content tips for 2022

These 9 actionable long-form content tips will help to get more organic traffic in 2022:

  1. Start with a comprehensive SEO content strategy
  2. Choose the proper content format based on the keyword intent
  3. Give your posts a reasonable length with valuable content
  4. Add a table of contents to assist readers in navigating easily
  5. Keep the introduction brief and hook the reader immediately
  6. Include helpful headings & visuals to break up long sections of text
  7. Provide valuable statistics and relevant market research 
  8. Leverage the specialized techniques of SEO copywriting
  9. Update and enrich your long-form content regularly 

Increase your organic traffic and boost your business profits with effective, SEO-friendly, long-form content

FAQs about what is long-form content

Search engines strive to produce the greatest results possible, so they prioritize sites with well-researched, in-depth, and thoughtfully-crafted material. Therefore, producing optimized content that addresses your buyer persona’s needs is crucial for the sustainable online growth of your business.

Google evaluates approximately 200 SEO criteria, including on-page factors, such as meta-title, meta descriptions, headings, and copy. In addition, it takes into account how frequently the niche terms (focus & supporting keywords) appear on the page, and so on. The impact of SEO content is visible in 3 to 9 months.

Although you can rank for fairly competitive keywords with nothing but content, you’ll need some kind of authority to rank for the most critical and competitive keywords. This has nothing to do with backlinks; you might just have a strong social presence. However, you will need to perform a thorough SEO audit to identify the strategies that will assist you in ranking higher on the SERPs.

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