How to craft your optimal buyer persona and target your dream audience.

illustration of a woman presenting a text that reads: "How to craft your optimal buyer persona and target your dream audience."
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Learn everything you need to know about the buyer persona


How many times have you found yourself nodding your head mindlessly while your marketing co-workers kept talking about the importance of defining your business’ buyer persona?

And how many times did you try to get involved in “that marketing and sales brainstorming” without being 100% sure about the actual meaning of the term? 

If the above scenarios have happened more than once – or if you simply feel like “decoding” the term and appeal to your audience better- then you’re in the right place. 

In this blog post, you’ll finally get to learn everything about the importance of targeting the correct audience and its crucial role in drafting your business’ marketing and sales strategy – all while setting your customers in the center of attention. 

Start fresh and keep reading to:


  • Find out everything you need to create your buyer persona
  • Generate targeted leads and appeal personally to your customers
  • Expand your reach and engage with your audience optimally
  • Gain trust and create brand advocates that last in time 

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What is a buyer persona?


According to Hubspot, a buyer persona – also known as “customer, marketing, or audience persona” – is a fictional research-based profile of your potential customer. It is based on actual data about your existing customers, extensive market research, and some “educated” assumptions.

What is buyer persona


The persona is set to represent your target audience and embodies the characteristics of your ideal customer. A company may have more than one persona, depending on the needs, the niches, the products, and the services offered – which have the tendency to vary

Keep in mind that the more detailed the persona is, the more accurately you speak to your potential audience. Create it by taking into account customer demographics (such as age, financial & marital status, etc.), motivations, goals, and common behavioral patterns. 

Craft a buyer persona to fully understand what your customers: 

  • Think and feel
  • Hope and expect 
  • Plan and believe 
  • Fear and doubt 

Why do I need to define my buyer persona?

A well-defined persona contributes to your business growth, improves customer service, and allows for cross-departmental collaboration and organization alignment. Attract visitors, turn them into customers and generate leads that correspond with your business’ goals and ideals. 

Persona-based marketing results


Shift the way in which you present your business and build trust with your customers by showing genuine interest and concern about their expectations and fears. Tackle their obstacles, provide solutions to their problems and appeal to their interest efficiently.

Remember that people tend to naturally gravitate towards products and services they know, so building trust is more than essential – especially in an era characterized by information overload. Break through this clutter and craft a content marketing strategy that speaks to their heart!

Add value to your business with the use of the right customer persona:

  • Frame your work from the buyers’ perspective
  • Improve your customer service and experience 
  • Tackle your audience’s problems and provide solutions
  • Offer genuine, relevant, and personalized services 
  • Target your social media campaigns effectively
  • Build your marketing strategy according to needs
  • Monitor the customers’ behavioral and buying patterns 
  • Generate new leads and increase conversion rates

How do I create a buyer persona for my business?


Creating a customer persona is a thorough process, but it’s totally worth the effort. Dedicate some brainstorming time with your colleagues – and even your actual customers- to craft an optimal fictional character that accurately depicts your business’ ideal audience. Follow the next steps, prepare to streamline your communication strategies, and resonate with your audience more than ever before. Let’s start. 


How do I create buyer persona for my business?


Research your existing audience in detail  


Your audience is and should always be in the first line of the process. Analyze your existing customers and gather data to discover behavioral patterns and buying tendencies. Consider details like their age, location, language, interests, stage of life, and so on. Proceed to keyword research and figure out how your buyers articulate what they’re looking for. 

Adapt such patterns to your marketing strategy, and you’ll soon be appealing to the audience of your dreams. Don’t forget the power of metrics: consult your social media analytics, Facebook & LinkedIn insights, and of course, the king…Google Analytics.

Identify your customers’ pain points and fears 


Try to resonate with your customers and get in their shoes. Identifying the pain points one might face is an essential technique to better understand your customers. See your products and services from a different perspective and figure out what problems or hassles your potential audience is trying to solve. 

Analyze your products in detail and pay that extra attention to the features that would drive a customer off. Alternatively, once your brainstorming process is complete, collect real customer quotes with the use of carefully formulated questionnaires and give your audience personas further depth. 

Categorize their interests and expectations 


Now, you just need to flip the coin of what we’ve just mentioned above. This time it’s essential to understand your customers’ interests and expectations. Once again, try getting into your buyer persona’s shoes and brainstorm on the aspirations and the goals they want to achieve. Analyze the goals thoroughly and categorize them based on the products and services you sell. 

Take into consideration your persona’s demographics and create a profile that meets your standards for an ideal customer. Such insights help form a campaign and approach your customers personally, by, for example, simply adjusting your tone of voice. 

Tackle their problems and appeal to their interests


Approach your products and services from the buyer’s point of view. Once you analyze their fears and interests, it’s time to tackle them one by one. Hit them with your tailored-to-their-needs solutions, and make an offer they can’t say no to!

Adapt your tone of voice and overall content strategy and make sure you speak their language to gain trust. Remember, once trust is earned, you have brand advocates for life. And what’s better than targeting those future advocates based on your business expectations and goals? 

Craft a profile with a background story


Now it’s high time you started creating your buyer persona’s profile. Before everything else, decide how many personas you need to have. Gather all your research data and start looking for common characteristics. Do your products and services appeal to more than one category of people? If yes, you probably have to craft more than one persona. 

Work on your personas’ defining characteristics. Give your fictional customer a name, a job title, nationality, financial and marital status, and so on. Make your character seem like a real person. Consider their hobbies and interests, mention their fears, and, basically, give them a background story that helps you identify your potential buyers accurately. 

Get inspired from a simple example and brainstorm further 


Now imagine that you’re the marketing manager of a family-owned, small hospitality business. You are asked to craft a buyer persona for a small hotel located in an almost remote village in Crete. Even though the hotel is not easily accessible, it does offer a warm family atmosphere and an unbeatable nature to explore with your family and friends. And those are the unique selling points (USPs) to be promoted. So what would your ideal potential buyer look like? Here are some thoughts.

“Our fictional representation is a mid-class male seeking a relaxing holiday with his family far from the crowds while surrounded by natural gems.”

  • He is 40-45 years old and lives in Athens
  • He has two kids, a boy, and a girl aged 4 and 1
  • He works at an accounting company as a manager
  • He owns a 4X4 car as he loves adventure in nature
  • He likes to camp with his wife but never has the time to
  • He’s searching for a tranquil resort with a homey atmosphere
  • He has limited vacation time, so he needs everything at a close distance

So how would you optimally use all the above information in your content strategy to better target your persona?

Keep in mind that to accurately target your potential buyers, you have to create a landing page that speaks to their needs. Start by creating separate paragraphs/pages (depending on your strategy), highlighting the hotel’s USPs, while simultaneously addressing the customers’ needs and expectations. Add separate headings targeting the persona’s interests in detail. 

How to write SEO friendly blog posts in 10 steps

In this case:

  • Mention the children-friendly aspect and suggest activities 
  • Provide detailed information about the optimal transport solution 
  • Highlight the hotel’s homey atmosphere and friendly personnel
  • Suggest sightseeing day-trips at close proximity to the hotel
  • Recommend excursions in the surrounding hidden natural gems 
  • Promote adventure experiences for couples & families with kids 

The list could keep growing, always based on educated assumptions and data retrieved priorly from the relevant metrics. Find some inspiration from the above and get to know your persona in-depth to understand your own business and services even better.

Why should I choose SEO Copywriting Agency to help me craft my buyer persona and overall content strategy?

At SEO Copywriting Agency, we take great pride in our work. Our knowledgeable and experienced team consists of highly talented and skillful individuals who meticulously dedicate all the time needed to learn about each project separately and conduct the proper research. 

Our ultimate goal is to meet our clients’ expectations to the fullest and help them rank higher than ever before. Using modern tools and technologies, we ensure optimal results and a content strategy that boosts your business and appeals to your dream audience.

Get professional advice on how to use your buyer persona to tailor your digital marketing and sales strategies 

Put your audience’s needs and wants ahead of your own and prepare to attract and retain customers effectively by investing some time in creating your ideal fictional customer. 

  • Train your employees and colleagues on how to define and understand your audience
  • Create multiple personas to meet your products and services standards 
  • Draft ad campaigns and choose the social media platform that best fits your personas
  • Adjust your webpage, blog, social media platforms and set the right tone for each
  • Speak the language and develop content that speaks to your buyers’ heart
  • Address specific pain points and tackle fears or challenges effectively
  • Optimize, modify and, when possible, monetize your existing content 
  • Offer personalized services and outrank your competitors in the sector

Find out more about our SEO copywriting services today!

Ready to put all you’ve learned into practice? Learn how to create a detailed buyer persona for your business with SEO Copywriting Agency’s free template. Get armed with all the tools and start crafting your business’ ideal customer today. 

Download the free template and put your mind at ease. Brainstorm to the fullest, and if you’re still in doubt, contact the SEO Copywriting team of experts to craft a complete content strategy for you and watch your business’ growth skyrocket. 

Download SEO Copywriting Agency Buyer Persona Template

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