The Complete Hotel SEO Guide for 2022: How to Boost Direct Bookings Using Hotel SEO Copywriting

SEO Guide for Hotels
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Is your hotel struggling to get direct bookings? Do you want to attract more visitors through Google searches? If you want to get ahead of the competition and raise your hotel’s reputation with the minimum cost, then you need Hotel SEO. To help you learn more about the necessary tool called hotel SEO, its benefits, and how to use it to your advantage, we put together this informative article. Read our Hotel SEO Guide to learn how to increase your online ranking and bring in more customers for direct bookings.

What is SEO Copywriting for hotels?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the application of various techniques to improve a website’s content quality and to reach higher rankings on search engines. SEO increases visibility, organic traffic, and if your content is stunning, it increases your conversions as well. SEO Copywriting gives you the advantage to appear in your customers’ searches when they plan for their vacations. This is done through a series of procedures, including adding keywords, creating original, fresh content, and link building. Hotel websites are a perfect example of sites that can see immediate, real-time results with the proper application of SEO techniques.

What are the main benefits of hotel SEO Copywriting?

If you’re not convinced yet that SEO is right for your hotel’s website, hearing about the fact that  83% of hotel bookings begin from a search engine should be the tipping point. Moreover, hotel SEO copywriting leads to real, tangible, and measurable results, which can help you to monitor and achieve your goal of receiving more direct bookings to your website as well as raising your reputation and getting ahead of the competition.

1. Become more visible to search engines

Through the application of proper hotel SEO techniques such as correct usage and placement of important keywords, your website increases its visibility in search engines. When you are able to satisfy the standards and guidelines set forth by Google, you will be rewarded with a higher ranking and will show up in the top results when customers search for hotels in your immediate location. 

2. Increase your direct online bookings 

A thoroughly optimized website cuts out the middleman. Due to increased visibility on search engines, you inevitably will have more organic traffic on your website. This traffic translates to more customers using your website than that of booking platforms or tour agencies. Your SEO-friendly website creates an attractive and easy-to-use page for your customers because you are satisfying their needs. 

3. Step ahead of the competition

SEO is the way of the future. An expert SEO copywriter is fully aware of the most up-to-date tools and techniques that Google deems most important. There are some more tricky technical aspects such as building links and backlinks that an SEO copywriter knows how to implement. But most importantly  If your website is using these techniques then you are at the cutting edge and are going to easily outrank your competitors who are not using an SEO copywriter and their expertise.

4. Raise hotel brand awareness 

Your brand is one of the most important factors to the success of your hotel. An experienced SEO copywriter understands this. An SEO copywriter has the knowledge and expertise to create memorable content that is on target with your brand because extensive research has been done on your hotel at the offset. With an increase in brand awareness at the forefront, it helps to acquire a loyal and recurring customer base who are reliant on the familiarities of your brand. 

SEO Copywriting Tip: One of the main benefits of SEO copywriting is its low price. Compared to other digital marketing methods, SEO copywriting is quite affordable and performs more effectively, especially in the long run.

The 5+1 Steps to successful hotel SEO Copywriting

In order to create efficient texts that could lead to potential bookings for your hotel business, you need to follow a very specific procedure. If you want to try on the magic of hotel SEO copywriting, then follow these 4 easy steps for success.

1. Develop an SEO content strategy

Before you begin applying SEO, it’s important to come up with a complete hotel SEO content strategy. You need to create a thorough understanding of who your customers are and what they are looking for, before delving into content creation. You should also have in mind what goals you are hoping to achieve and when you would like to achieve them. A clear-cut strategy leads to the success of your website before you even begin writing. Bear in mind that developing a strategy is difficult, so hiring an expert from an SEO agency can be of great assistance.

2. Research the right keywords 

Keywords are the bread and butter of your website. Therefore you should always make keyword research an integral part of the process. You must first discover the keywords and phrases your customers are searching for in order to appease their needs and desires. Keyword research assures that you are aligned with your customers and that you are speaking the same language as them. This research can be aided by a number of tools available online. Once you have done your keyword research, you can see how in-demand a word is and then utilize this knowledge to optimize your website.

3. Place the keywords properly 

Proper placement and implementation of your discovered keywords is essential. An SEO copywriter knows that to satisfy Google, it is necessary to place keywords in specific places in the text. You want your keywords present in the title, the headings, meta title, meta description, and generally scattered throughout the text. This is necessary in order to help Google’s algorithm place your website at the top of the search results. However, it is important to not spam your text with keywords, as Google’s algorithms can detect keyword spamming and hide your website from the SERP.

4. Create state-of-the-art content

SEO copywriting can be quite demanding because there are many guidelines to follow. But, when it is properly implemented, an SEO copywriter is able to create compelling content that is both user and search engine friendly. An SEO agency has access to the latest tools and the creativity to craft content that you might otherwise not have the ability to. The captivating text engages and impresses your readers, leading to an increase in website traffic and result in more direct bookings with you. Ultimately, the construction of state-of-the-art content adds to your added value and competitive advantage.

5. Monitor your website

After your website has been optimized, you cannot sit back and assume all will go well. Monitoring your website is one of the most important factors of assuring you are reaching your goals and KPIs, which you set out to achieve and developed in your strategy. You must also monitor if what your customers are searching for is changing over time in order to stay relevant. Monitoring your website allows you to see what parts of your hotel SEO strategy are working and which needs to be improved.

6. Optimize your website 

Throughout your monitoring process, chances are you are going to need to consistently optimize your website. This may include fixing broken links, updating information that is out of date, or adding blogs. A properly optimized site will read as more reputable, which brings in even more traffic. The essence of optimizing your page is to make sure it is always in top shape for both your users and search engines. It is proven that existing content that implements necessary changes helps your website rise and stay at the top of Google’s search results. 

How can a hotel outrank the online competitors and get more direct bookings? 

There‘s a reason why hotel booking platforms rank higher on Google, resulting in more direct bookings compared to those of the hotel’s official websites. In order for your hotel website to thrive, take note from the success of these platforms. When properly applied, these techniques offer a bounty of advantages, from increasing directing bookings to edging out your competitors. 

1. Offer loyalty benefits 

Many ‘travel giants’ provide several loyalty benefits to their customers. Every time you book on a booking platform, you reap some kind of a reward. Some examples are discounts, travel perks, or coupons. This helps incentivize customers to return again and again while at the same time building their trust and allegiance towards their brand. These rewards should be visible on your website and user-friendly. 

2. Apply the latest SEO techniques 

Most booking platforms have numerous marketing experts that help optimize their content in line with the latest on-page and technical SEO standards, resulting in high rankings on search engines. If your website is optimized for not only search engines but for your customers as well, you have achieved a noteworthy feat. SEO techniques give your website a competitive edge of being the most up-to-date of Google’s standards. 

When should you start SEO copywriting for your hotel?

There’s no time like the present! You should start your hotel SEO journey as soon as possible. SEO copywriting is becoming increasingly applied and in-demand, so you should begin soon to ensure you are not left behind your competitors. Hotel SEO is a year-round project, no matter which season is the busiest for your hotel. Hotel SEO copywriting helps you to prepare for an influx of new clients, keeping in touch with old clients, and making your website more reputable and reliable. It helps tremendously with coming up with a specific, targeted strategy and the achievement of your goals. When properly executed, hotel SEO will always be working for you and your customers.

When can I see results from SEO?

Time varies from hotel to hotel due to the different needs and competition. It usually takes about 3-5 months, but if only you have a solid strategy. To rank seriously in search engines, expect it to take approximately 9-12 months. The only way to see results is if you have planned your actions thoroughly and strategically, which again reiterates the importance of developing a strategy before you begin. In any case, our agency can give you an estimate of the time and SEO services you will need after carefully considering the needs and the current state of your website.

Why trust your hotel SEO copywriting to an SEO agency?

Bringing onboard an SEO agency has many advantages, and expertise is at the forefront. It is the experts’ job to create compelling and original content that is going to translate effectively for both your users and for search engines. By swiftly and effortlessly implementing techniques from both the creative and technical end, it saves you the hassle of having to learn these yourself. Ultimately, an SEO agency saves you time, effort, and money by being able to execute their expertise in a prompt manner. You can expect to see increased bookings and return on your investments quickly so you can focus your efforts on other matters.  

How can SEO Copywriting Agency help your hotel thrive?

SEO Copywriting Agency is the leading agency for hotel SEO. Our team of experts specializes in hotel SEO copywriting and has helped numerous hotels and tourism organizations all over Europe grow. We create content that stands the test of time and help your business gain organic traffic on its website effectively. We understand in depth the specifics and challenges of the competitive landscape that is tourism, and we are here to work with you to bring your hotel more visitors without the need for operators or advertising. 

Start increasing your direct hotel bookings today with premier SEO copywriting services! 

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