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What are SEO Audit Services?

The SEO audit or technical SEO audit is an in-depth analysis of your website to assess the factors that affect its ability to rank highly in the search engine results. 

A complete technical SEO audit scans your website to identify technical errors and issues in SEO, such as damaged URLs, incorrect meta-descriptions, slow loading speed, and anything else that prevents it from ranking on Google’s #1. 

At SEO Copywriting Agency, we offer professional SEO audit services, enabling you to optimize your website to its fullest extent. The technical SEO audit shows you how to maximize your online presence and develop your business. Don’t let the competition outrun you: opt for an SEO audit and step ahead!

What are the benefits of SEO Audit Services?

To ensure the best user experience and to keep up with the constantly changing search engine rules, you should annually perform an audit on your website. The technical SEO audit enables you to:

  • Get the big picture of your website’s structure
  • Spot all technical errors on your page
  • Learn how to fix those errors
  • Update your page to the new algorithms 
  • Increase the qualitative traffic of your website
  • Improve the overall user experience on your website

You may have created great content and injected the right keywords, and yet you don’t rank because of technical errors. With the audit services, you make sure that your strategy is paying off.

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The SEO Audit methodology to gain full control of your website

At SEO Copywriting Agency, SEO Audit services start with an overall analysis of your website. We use cutting-edge technology to identify your website’s errors and we proceed with fixing them. 

We do in-depth research of technical problems and issues related to On-Page SEO, such as the website’s internal link building, structural gaps, faulty content, code problems, and user navigation obstacles. Technical SEO audits can be performed on all websites, regardless of their size. After completing the audit, we provide a detailed analysis of all the problems identified, along with practical advice on resolving them. 

Through SEO Audit Services, we undertake to fix and improve your website. Similarly, through SEO Consulting Services, we provide the proper guidance to your in-house IT experts to help them successfully implement a proper website optimization strategy. 

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We offer complete SEO Audit services and help your company plan an effective business strategy. We study your current website, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide you with factual suggestions for improving it.

What we can do for you

At SEO Copywriting Agency, we offer professional SEO Audit services to our customers. Our team of experts uses the most up-to-date techniques and tools to spot and fix the errors that prevent your page from running optimally. 

We are strategically implementing techniques to make your website fully functional and profitable. Contact us today to grow your business and rank 1st on Google. Trust SEO Copywriting Agency and aim for success!

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A Technical SEO Audit allows you to find your website’s weaknesses and strategically implement a plan to tackle them. To make sure that the audit  performs, you should:

  • Assure there is only one version of your website
  • Scan your webpage thoroughly
  • Check your website’s presence on Google search
  • Make sure you rank with your brand name
  • Perform quick On-Page audits
  • Find duplicate and poor content
  • Check your website’s loading speed
  • Ensure your website’s mobile-friendliness

SEO Score measures your website’s performance: it indicates how well your website complies with both search engine guidelines and users.  The final score is determined by your website’s performance in four subcategories: technical, content, user experience, and mobile. The SEO score ranges are:

  • 1-10%: Poor
  • 11-20%: Decent
  • 21-30%: Fair
  • 31-40%: Competitive
  • 41-50%: Good
  • 50-61%: Strong
  • 61-70%: Very Good
  • 71-80%: Excellent
  • 80-91%: Outstanding
  • 91-100%: Top

An audit may need 2-6 weeks. The exact time of completion depends on the website’s size and requirements. Beyond the integrated SEO Audit, it is crucial to check in weekly to track your website’s status and any issues that might occur.

SEO experts can confidently and successfully implement a technical SEO audit, combining knowledge and experience. An SEO Agency can analyze every aspect of your website, carefully monitor the competition, and apply the most effective techniques to steadily lead your business to success. 

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