E-Commerce SEO Complete Guide: How E-commerce SEO Services Can Boost your Online Sales

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Do you have an E-commerce platform that sells products or services? Would you like to learn how to boost your sales and increase your business’s profitability? In our ever-evolving digitalized world, E-commerce has become an increasingly attractive option for businesses. However, the online competition is massive and it is hard to gain visibility, leads, and customers. If you want to learn how to use E-commerce SEO copywriting to gain a competitive edge, visibility, and increase your online sales, read the article below. 

What is SEO Copywriting?

Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses a combination of various techniques that help a website rank highly on Google’s web results and gain leads. SEO achieves this by targeting the same search terms that customers use when they are searching for a product. 

Additionally, SEO copywriting focuses a great deal on improving the quality of your website’s content, including product description, making it informative and engaging. Once the quality meets standards set forth by Google, it increases your website’s visibility leading to new prospective customers. In essence, if search engines like your website, then you will reap the benefits.

What is the difference between SEM and PPC?

Not all traffic is organic (free); some of it is paid. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to paid techniques and strategies to increase a website’s visibility. Whereas, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a part of SEM that helps you display your ad at the top of Google’s search results. When your ad is clicked, you get charged depending on the price of the keyword you‘ve used. SEM and PPC are extremely useful if you want to increase your website’s visibility, however, as we analyze below they have some different requirements in comparison to SEO.

What is the difference between SEM, PPC, and SEO Copywriting?

The main difference between these techniques is that SEO copywriting is not direct advertising; therefore, it does not require great expenditure. SEM requires continuous spending for the same amount of money or the same amount of money SEO copywriting can have better and more long-term results. Additionally, depending on various factors, the cost for SEM can rise dramatically, making it difficult for small businesses to compete against huge corporations that can invest an endless amount of capital. Especially, PPC ads appear immediately at the top of the search results, but they need money in order to work. 

SEO Copywriting Tip: As soon as you stop “feeding” SEM with money, you’ll immediately stop appearing in the first places of Google search results, whereas SEO copywriting will continuously provide you with online traffic. 

What is E-commerce SEO Copywriting?

E-commerce SEO copywriting refers to the written content that is created for your online store. The content must be written clearly, giving the correct information to customers such as accurate product descriptions, promo offers, and landing pages. Besides promoting your business and explaining your products’ benefits, the main goal of properly implementing E-commerce SEO copywriting techniques is to have your website rank highly on Google, thus creating more visibility. Ultimately, using excellent SEO copywriting techniques can lead to more sales for your online business. 

What are the main benefits of E-commerce SEO copywriting? 

There are countless benefits of implementing SEO copywriting for your E-commerce platform. The main advantage of E-commerce SEO services is that they are measurable and quantifiable, which can assist in setting up goals and KPIs. Let’s take a look at the 4 most important things you can achieve with E-commerce SEO copywriting.

1. Build a stronger brand 

Building a strong brand should be a goal for all businesses, and E-commerce SEO copywriting is an easy way to achieve this. If you can create a captivating experience for your customer while they are on your website, they feel compelled to take action to purchase and even return at a later date. A pleasant experience on your website makes customers feel an allegiance to your brand, whereby you have just created a loyal customer!  Additionally, high-quality written content on your website makes you more reputable and professional. This quality content builds your brand in the long run.

2. Increase in online sales

There is a direct linkage between a properly optimized website and increased sales for an E-commerce site. An E-commerce site with an SEO application appeases Google’s standards for ranking, which makes your website more visible to searchers. As soon as you improve your website’s ranking, expect a great increase in online visitors. With more visitors to your reputable site and more informative content increases your chances of converting a mere visitor into a customer due to your compelling and well-optimized website. 

3. Gain long-term investment profitability 

E-commerce SEO copywriting should be a part of your business strategy because it produces results now and down the road. By optimizing your E-commerce site you will be able to reach your target audience at a much faster rate. You want your target audience on board with your brand so that they will stay with your business in the long run. Additionally, SEO copywriting is a worthwhile investment because it is usually a much lower cost than other digital marketing methods such as PPC. SEO is not an expense, it is a long-term investment with great ROI.

4. Outrank your online competition

It is quite certain that outranking your competitors is at the forefront of your business model. E-commerce SEO copywriting focuses much of its efforts on researching the keywords that your customers are searching for which perhaps your competitors are not fully attuned to. Proper implementation of SEO techniques will inadvertently rank highly with Google, giving your company an edge over your competitors. Eshops face an uphill battle for traffic but with E-commerce SEO services not only you can outrank similar competitors but giants like Amazon.

SEO Copywriting Tip: One of the reasons why E-commerce SEO Copywriting is a worthwhile investment is the fact that it optimizes your website and increases your reputation at a low cost and performs more effectively than most other digital marketing methods in the long run.

Grow your E-commerce business with premier SEO Copywriting Services


How can you implement SEO copywriting?

Even if you feel like you have a clear understanding of SEO copywriting, it is important to follow certain steps. By following well-defined guidelines it helps to ensure that your SEO is being implemented effectively, resulting in better performance for your website. 

1. Develop an SEO content strategy

Starting your E-commerce SEO copywriting journey may feel daunting, and you may struggle with where or how to begin. That is why developing a clear cut SEO content strategy at the offset is a crucial first step to take. You must plan and outline what you are setting out to achieve. What are your business goals? Who is your target audience?  What actions do you want them to take once they’re on your website? These critical strategic factors determine the target, the content, and the results to expect. 

2. Conduct keyword research 

Keyword research is one of the most important factors of E-commerce SEO copywriting. Begin your process by writing down some keyword ideas that your customers are searching for. As soon as you know what keywords you want to use on your content, do some research and see what your competitors use for the same term. Help yourself by using one of the numerous keyword research tools online, as this shows you which one has the highest volume in Google’s results.

3. Properly place the keywords

Following your research, you will have one focus keyword and several supportive keywords. Correctly placing these keywords in the text is another critical step of effective E-commerce SEO Copywriting. An experienced SEO agency knows to place keywords in the title, introductory paragraph, main body, headers, and descriptions. Google’s algorithm follows specific criteria while examining a text, including its structure, and ranks it accordingly. It is important to not stuff or spam your text with keywords, as this may result in being banned from Google. 

4. Use the right tone of voice

Tone of voice plays an imperative role in E-commerce SEO copywriting. It helps companies portray what type of business they are and even which demographics they are targeting. A consistent tone of voice also helps to build trust among your customers, which will have them returning again and again. An experienced SEO copywriter will write in a proper and defined tone that humanizes your website. Keep in mind that E-commerce SEO copywriting should embody a more serious, knowledgeable tone that convinces your customer to purchase.   

5. Monitor your content

Just because you have set up your E-commerce website with SEO techniques does not mean that the work is finished. In fact, monitoring your website is a crucial step in assuring that your website’s performance is on track with your goals. Monitoring requires tools that look into your data, such as your traffic flow, bounce rate, and conversion rate. This way, you can determine if you are reaching your set forth KPIs and goals, and if not, you can decide if changes need to be made. Monitoring is key in catching problems while at the same time recognizing your successes. 

6. Optimize your backend 

Chances are, your website will run into technical issues every now and then. That is why optimizing and fixing your E-commerce website is crucial in its viability. A more technical SEO approach needs to be taken during this stage, including fixing broken links or debugging. You also want to make sure that all of your information is accurate if there are changes to your business, as well as stay up-to-date with the latest trends. A properly and consistently optimized website will ensure that you remain high up in the search result rankings. 

Why trust your E-commerce SEO copywriting to an agency?

E-commerce SEO copywriting can be tricky for anyone who is not an expert. If you want to implement an excellent strategy and save yourself time and money then you need the help of the experts. An SEO copywriting agency possesses the knowledge and skills to optimize your E-commerce website seamlessly. A professional agency has the know-how to tailor your SEO strategy to your E-commerce website’s needs and the latest software tools so you won’t need to spend money acquiring them. It also uses state-of-the-art techniques that you would otherwise not be exposed to. Ultimately, using an agency for E-commerce SEO services is a profitable long-term investment which you will reap all the benefits of SEO.

How can SEO Copywriting Agency help your E-commerce business thrive?

We are here to scale your e-commerce website. Our team of experts has helped numerous businesses gain customers and profit through excellent E-commerce SEO services. We know how to integrate the most updated SEO techniques on an E-commerce text. Our E-commerce SEO services also include captivating copywriting work. Our wisdom comes from years of experience, which has helped us establish ourselves as an uprising force in today’s competitive landscape. By using advanced software and data-driven strategies, we can produce proven results. Contact a professional SEO agency today and let us help you skyrocket your E-commerce business! 

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