Copywriting Agency in detail: Why hiring a Copywriting Agency is an essential investment that gives value to your business

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Is your business struggling to reach your target audience? Do you worry you’re falling behind the competition because your message is not clear, engaging, or on brand? You may be surprised at how many businesses grapple with this, yet effectively written content with a streamlined strategy is imperative for long-term success. Luckily, there is the right copywriting agency out there for businesses from every sector to solve this problem.

Productive copywriting has assisted countless organizations to boost their value. From SEO copywriting services to technical copywriting, a fruitful copywriter can directly impact the success of your business. With clear, creative content that comes from a strategic position, copywriters are supremely talented writers who also employ a wealth of tactful knowledge. If you want to learn how choosing the right copywriting agency can benefit you today then this article is for you. 

What is copywriting? 

As a business, you may have something exciting or important to say but you’re not getting the message out clearly and effectively. This is where copywriting comes into play. Copywriting is a type of writing that is creative, persuasive, and knowledgeable about a product or service. In essence, a business hires a copywriter when they need to win over their audience with clever content via a methodical approach. It is imperative that the content is engaging, clear, and on target with a business’ brand. 

Good copywriting means not only being skillful with words, but also employing a deep understanding of selling a product or service, and how to turn new customers into buyers. The right content is able to reach across borders and resonates with a wide audience as it reflects the intricacies of strategic thinking on how to create conversions through the power of using their words. Copywriting is a combination of  art and  science, which sets good copywriting  apart from other forms of writing. 

Copywriting services as an art

Beautifully written and engaging content is imperative to hook a reader from the start. Creativity is at the heart of excellent copywriting whether it be through the written word or by the bigger picture a copywriter paints. Some of the creative aspects of copywriting are: 

  • Crafting fresh content
  • Curating fascinating blog posts
  • Thinking of big, bold ideas
  • Speaking in the brand’s voice
  • Humanizing technical talk
  • Telling a clear story 

Copywriting services as a science

Copywriting goes beyond the scope of merely well-written content. There are many strategic aspects of copywriting to ensure performance including:

  • Applying conversion techniques 
  • Conducting competitor analysis
  • Researching keywords 
  • Analyzing conversion data
  • Using proven headline formulas 

“Copywriting is art and science”


What is a copywriting agency?

A copywriting agency is a team of writers who create persuasive and strategic copy. The essence of successful copywriting agencies is to provide services to businesses who are looking for content to pack a punch and captivate their audience. They have a deep understanding that any given audience has a short attention span, so the need to be impactful is imperative. In fact, research shows that readers only give six seconds of their attention to deciding if they want to continue reading or not. That means the content needs to be compelling, and fast!

Whether they are creating ads, articles, or web pages, a copywriting company knows that they have been hired to inspire and resonate with a customer on a meaningful level. They understand the customer journey phase, the buyer persona, and the tone of voice for any given business. Especially in our increasingly digitized world, copywriting in digital marketing is a popular way for companies to reach their online audience in an impactful way through their website or social media. Successful agencies are results-driven and do not fill space with fluff writing but rely on data and employ performance tactics.

What is a SEO Copywriting agency?

Though SEO copywriting has some similarities to traditional copywriting, it is its own discipline with a defined set of rules altogether. SEO copywriting creates compelling, valuable, and relevant content by targeting specific keywords that customers are searching for. SEO is regarded as an art of writing for both humans and robots alike because an SEO copywriter follows certain guidelines that are set forth by Google. When they follow said rules, they are rewarded by search engines, gain visibility, and move up in the search ranking results. 

But at the heart of SEO copywriting is using a methodical and targeted approach to write about the things that people are searching for the most and how they are searching for them. In this vein, SEO copywriting zeroes in on the way people type and speak, thereby having a deep understanding of the target audience. SEO copywriters can change gears and adapt their tone to fit the brand of the business they are working at the moment for as well as their audience. The essence of SEO is original content that an audience loves to read and Google is eager to reward. SEO copywriters are expected to:

  • Set clear, measurable goals
  • Research relevant keywords 
  • Plan content and SEO writing
  • Rewrite websites & update content
  • Create converting SEO content
  • Measure traffic and conversions

Why do you need a copywriting agency now?

If you haven’t already done so, the time is now to hire a professional copywriter! The benefits of hiring a copywriting agency are plentiful, with one of the most obvious being that their writers are both knowledgeable and experienced. While it is certainly a possibility that a business can write good copy on its own, the key to truly effective copywriting is consistently putting out excellent content. Here are just some of the reasons to hire a copywriting professional:

1. Professional outcome

There is something to be said for content creation by a professional. You have the peace of mind that what they create will be high-quality, knowledgeable, and strategic. By hiring copywriting agencies allows you more time to focus on other aspects of your business and not have to worry about the written content you are putting out. Furthermore, they craft consistent copy which is vital in creating brand awareness and loyalty.  

2. Fast turnaround

As a professional writer with a strategic mindset, copywriting agencies can turn around high-quality content quickly and with minimal errors. Their professional focus revolves around the written word, so they are able to produce content much faster than an in-house employee who does not specialize in writing. When a business needs something done quickly, it is wise to hire a professional copywriter to create it. 

3. Higher ROI

If a business is spending time writing their own copy, there are other aspects of the job that are being put to the wayside. Many companies see the financial benefit of professional copywriting services insofar that it is more expensive to miss work obligations than to hire a copywriter agency for one project, or even for an extended period of time. And the return on investment from excellent content creation is an added financial bonus.

4. In-depth research

Part of the job at copywriting agencies is learning how to do in-depth research in a timely and effective manner. They have the knowledge professional writers have more time to spend researching and planning for each piece they are hired to write. This in turn means that the final content that is produced is more likely to achieve results than a piece that has not been thoroughly researched.

5. Objective writing 

The truth is, sometimes you are too close to your own brand to write copy for it. How you want the brand to be and what customers actually want may be two different things, thus allowing for inconsistent and ineffective copy to be put out. A professional copywriter avoids any emotional attachment and focuses their efforts on creating results-oriented content that resonates with readers.  

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”- Leo Burnett


How to choose the best copywriting agency?

Copywriters are increasingly in demand, meaning the market is chock full of copywriting agencies. However, it is imperative that you choose one that is aligned with your vision, budget, and overall brand. Before hiring a copywriting company, follow some guidelines in order to find the best fit for your business:

1. Establish the budget

Setting the budget should always be the first step. Your budget should be based not only on what you can spend but on what you need. Inform the copywriting agency of your budget so they can identify how you can make the most of it. Also, Copywriting agency pricing varies from agency to agency, so ask them early on about their prices to see if they are financially feasible. 

2. Do some research

Conducting research on a copywriting agency is vital to ensuring a well-matched partnership between your company and a copywriter. Learn as much about the agency and its copywriting services before hiring them. When researching various agencies, consider the following to learn more about them:

  • Read their blog 

Delve deep into the agency’s blog. Here, you can see how they work, tactics and trends the agency applies, and the writing style. Focus on the Case Studies to gain a broader view of their approach.

  • Find their reviews

Reviews offer profound insight. A reputable agency has updated reviews on its website. You can also use Google reviews and which is also a powerful source of reviews for every website copywriting agency.

  • Ask their services

Be upfront when asking about the services they provide. It is important that they have what you need and that they can successfully fulfill any requests you may have, especially if you need a copywriting agency for your website.

  • Study their samples

Go straight to the source. Look at the content they have created in the past, which may be available on their website, or ask for some samples of the work, mainly in the sector your business operates.

3. Schedule a meeting

A copywriting company may seem good on paper but that does not mean they are the right fit for your business needs. An in-person meeting or e-meet provides you with a much more profound understanding of who they are and how they operate. You can gain much greater insight by asking more in-depth questions in person than you ever possibly could over email. 

What to ask a copywriting agency?

When given the opportunity to do so, all businesses should be asking copywriting agencies targeted questions in order to learn more about them. Knowing plenty about the agency is imperative to understand what to expect from a partnership with them. When meeting with an agency, consider the following topical questions:

  • What copywriting process do you follow?

Ask them about their process, including their strategy, methodology, and tactics that they live by. If they are unclear when giving any of these answers, it is best to steer clear of them. 

  • Are you applying  SEO optimization?

SEO copywriting is becoming increasingly vital to the livelihood of excellent business websites. SEO is important to online business, therefore you should ask an agency early on if this is something they provide.

  • How many copywriters do you need?

Before starting out on a project, ask the agency how many copywriters they believe is necessary for your requested projects. Also, ask if they have sufficient time if it is a large project. 

  • What is the cost of copywriting services?

Find out copywriting agency pricing by discussing finances early on in the process. Ask them their preferred way of being paid, how often they are paid, and any other financial details. It is better if you agree on finances from the start.

How much does a copywriting agency cost? 

The budget should start from 500 euros/month for smaller copywriting agencies. Of course, it depends greatly on the amount of work you want done. Depending on if you only need a website copywriting agency to optimize and monitor webpages or if you’re starting from scratch brings about much different costs. When it  comes to copywriting agency pricing, it is advisable to have a long-term cooperation with a monthly retainer and not a one-time deal, which is more expensive. Asking for a website copywriting agency how they price their services is the safest way to go, but remember to ask for tailor-made services rather than bundles because you want the services to apply to your needs.

How to hire a copywriting agency? 

If you have come to the decision to hire a copywriting or SEO copywriting agency there are some standard practices that you should follow before beginning the project. To ensure they produce the highest quality content possible, it is important that you and the copywriting agency are on the same page. Lay out your expectations by doing the following:

Brief them

A proper and thorough handover to an agency is essential. They need to understand the ins and outs of the business, certain expectations, and the desired results. A well-done brief acts as insurance for both you and the copywriter so that everyone is on the same wavelength. 

  • Know your brand

The brand is at the heart and soul of any business. Copywriting agencies can create better content by understanding your brand in-depth. What are some adjectives that describe your business? How do you want to be perceived? Sharing this insight is helpful for any copywriter. 

  • Determine your audience

What is a business without its audience? Though it is part of the package deal that a copywriter conducts research to understand the audience of who they are working for, it is impactful to give them detailed information about your audience in advance.

  • Identify the digital competition

Digital competition of a business is different from direct competitors in other arenas. Digital competitors are the websites that rank higher and have more traffic and conversions, and by cluing your copywriter to who they are, helps them to target readers more easily. 

  • Set your goals, time frame, and budget

Discussing your priorities is of utmost importance. What do you want from social media? When do you want to go live with content? Having SMART goals and clearly set KPIs is imperative and helps with your overall goals and how to achieve them most efficiently. 

“You sell on emotion, but you justify a purchase with logic.” – Joseph Sugarman


What is the SEO Copywriting Agency Methodology?

At SEO Copywriting Agency we have crafted our own methodology to strategically approach content and goals. Before the writing process ever begins, there are well-defined steps that are essential to success in creating excellent content. But also, the process for copywriting in digital marketing is strictly defined to give the best outcome. Great content is always formed on a complete strategy and we present you with the steps below.

Create the brand persona 

Understanding the brand persona allows for correct tone and language, and for connecting with the appropriate audience. When creating a brand persona it is important to gather a collection of the personality traits, values, and problems of the reader. By having a clear understanding of who the audience is it makes for on-target content and the best chance at achieving results.

Conduct market & competitor analysis

Understanding the market and various competitors is essential in copywriting in digital marketing since nearly all businesses have an online presence. By understanding the competitors you face, we can see what they’re doing well, target specific keywords, and write in a way that elevates your business to surpass your direct competitors. 

Establish the goals and KPIs

All the research in the world does not equate to an in-depth meeting to understand what you want to achieve with the addition of a SEO copywriting services to your business plan. Goals and KPIs allow copywriters to hone in on certain aspects of the writing process and if there are details that should be emphasized. We work with you to achieve your desired success. 

Set forth an SEO strategy

SEO copywriting is highly strategic. At the forefront of such a strategy is conducting exhaustive keyword research. This ensures that we can see who your competitors are, and the keywords and phrases that your audience is searching for. This helps to identify what their pains and problems are, making for a very targeted and effective piece of content. 

Write state-of-the-art content

The livelihood of our SEO copywriting services is creating fresh, unique, and creative content that provides excellent value to the reader. With native English copywriters and a vast repertoire of highly-praised web pages, blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and landing pages, we focus on creating quality content that resonates for businesses from a variety of industries. 

Measure results & success

Being results-driven is the name of the game, and measuring success is what sets us apart from competitors. Through the use of the latest software tools and technologies, we meticulously check the rankings of the webpage we are working on and for which keyword they rank for, as well as the amount of traffic they bring in. 

Why choose SEO Copywriting Agency?

At SEO Copywriting Agency, we take great pride in our work. Our knowledgeable and experienced copywriters are a team of highly skilled individuals who take the time to learn about each project, conduct the proper research, and achieve the goals that are set before us. Our talented team of copywriters and strategists perfectly encapsulate copywriting as both an art and a science, further setting us apart from the competition. We use the finest tools and technologies, ensuring that we are the most cutting edge on the market. As a results-driven agency, we tirelessly work to create content that boosts your business.

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