Blogging for Real Estate Agents: How to write a real estate blog that brings leads

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Learn from Sotheby’s copywriter how blogging for real estate agents can turn your business into a converting machine

As a real estate professional, are you in continuous search of how to build rapport with your clients, establish your know-how within the industry, and reach your correct audience?

Even though at the heart of real estate is the human connection, there’s a misconception that this has to be built through in-person interaction. In fact, did you know that blogging can be one of the most impactful tools for a real estate agent to reach your audience and generate leads?

Indeed, writing carefully-crafted real estate content in specialized techniques is essential in increasing your visibility online, establishing your authority within the real estate industry, and ultimately contributing to converting leads into hard-paying customers.

Like what you’re hearing? Read on to take a deep dive into how to craft real estate blog content that is pertinent, compelling, and converting so you see your sales skyrocket like never before.

Learn the basics of a real estate blog

Ask yourself some basic questions about how to approach the task at hand. Gain a greater understanding of why realtors should consider having a blog, what is the foundation of real estate blogs, and the type of content that should be included within them. By learning the basics of such blogs you can see how simple it is to get one up and running yourself.

Should realtors have a blog?

Plain and simple, yes, realtors should strongly consider having a blog with tips. The art and science of blogging has penetrated the real estate industry, and those who do not adopt ever-changing techniques are likely to fall behind and be seen as less competitive. In essence, having an online presence is simply not enough anymore for realtors to gain a competitive edge within the market.

With deep industry research and succinctly and strategically applying converting copy to your real estate website, blogging leads to greatness. In essence, a realtor without a blog, and a blog with well-researched content that ranks high in the search engines, may as well accept the fact that they are falling behind their competitors.

Properly written real estate content have the ability to:

  • Establish and promote your brand
  • Target your key demographics
  • Drum up a new, wider business
  • Target keywords your clients search for
  • Answer basic inquiries and questions
  • Generate leads and turn them into customers

How do I write real estate content?

While it might sound all fine and appealing to invest in blogging for real estate agents, it is crucial to methodically understand how to properly implement writing into a real estate blog. You need to always keep your focus centered on your client and what they want instead of writing posts you like.

If your goal is to generate leads and build relationships through your writing, stay focused on some proven tactics including:

  • Apply SEO copywriting to your article
  • Have a clear brand image and project that in your content
  • Write to your target audience and buyer persona
  • Answer in depth every question your client may have
  • Give honest tips and offer free guides
an illustration of 2 people working together for real estate blogging and text " keyword strategy"

Provide clients with valuable information

One of the most essential parts of creating an effective blog post as a realtor is providing clients with information that they deem valuable. It does not matter if you craft the most beautiful text in the world if it is not what your client is searching for.

Lead generation is only feasible if the content in which your local market is reading somehow serves their needs, wishes, and inquiries. If your content does not resonate with your clients, you have wasted your already-limited time on a lost cause.

Being targeted with providing answers to particular questions is some of the most valuable information you can provide your clients. To provide your clients with valuable information, you need to understand exactly what they find valuable. This takes careful keyword research, an absolutely essential skill when blogging for real estate agents.

While on your keyword search journey deduce the following about your clients:

  • What they looking for (i.e. house, condo, yard space, etc.)
  • Whether they looking for certain requirements during particular times of the year
  • Whether they asking general inquiries, or if they are ready to make a purchase

To craft a converting SEO Keyword strategy it is advised to hire an SEO agency that offers strategy services. Keyword strategy is not only about finding the keywords with the biggest volume and lowest difficulty, it’s mostly about evaluating the keyword intent and matching it with the user’s intent. That’s a task that requires great experience and deep technical knowledge.

illustration of a woman and a big screen, with text that reads "real estate topics" and a list

Keep real estate blogging simple

Let’s get down to brass tacks: real estate jargon and concepts are not always so simple to understand. In fact, if you stray off into in-depth and complicated topics that involve a series of numbers or complex terminology you run the risk of scaring off your audience, especially if that is not at all what they are interested in.

Remember, the point is to reach a wide audience, so keep the topics digestible for many types of readers. Consider the following blog post foolproof topics:

  • Housing trends
  • Home maintenance
  • Neighborhood bios
  • Local attractions
  • New listings

Create quality content, consistently

Creating quality content is the heart and soul of what a real estate writer should be aiming for. It is not simply enough to write a blog that is about a “hot topic”, instead, you need to create content that is of a high caliber and will satisfy both people and the search engines through techniques like SEO. High-quality content will present itself once you examine if and how you achieved your goals, such as reaching a wide audience.

Additionally, it is crucial that real estate writers are doing content creation on a regular basis. This could be daily, weekly, or monthly, but the point is to always find relevant topics to write about. Posting regularly indicates to your audience that you are one of the industry professionals who has a wide range of knowledge and are up on the current trends.

“No matter what, the very first piece of social media real estate I’d start with is a blog.” – Chris Brogan

How do I start a real estate blog?

Now that you have a better understanding of what a real estate agent writes about let’s talk about how to get started. The truth is that a lot of thought, strategy, and careful planning needs to go into crafting meaningful and helpful information that will drive more traffic.

When considering the kick-off of blogging for real estate agents, consider the following three elements.

Establish a platform

This may sound like a given, but in order to have effective blogging for real estate agents, it is essential to have a platform to showcase your own work. If you already have a business website, it is easy to add a blogging section. If you do not, purchase and establish a domain name ASAP.

Though it can be tedious to design a website from scratch, it does give you the opportunity to work on your branding. What colors represent you best? Which fonts remind you of your clients? Once your platform is established, the real fun begins.

Create a content calendar

Any good content strategy will include a well-thought-out and time-appropriate content calendar. As mentioned above, regularly putting out a blog post reflects positively on you as a real estate writer and your business in general. Ask yourself pertinent questions in order to solidify a strong content calendar:

  • How much time can you realistically dedicate to blogging?
  • How will you theme your content so it makes sense?
  • What is your blog length for your particular audience?
  • Besides your own website, do you intend to post your blogs on other platforms?

Decide on relevant real estate topics

Once you have a solid grasp on realistically how much time you have to create content and at what frequency you will post it, then you can brainstorm the topics which you plan to write about. Think about what sort of blog content would be useful for your audience.

What are the most frequently asked questions you receive from them? If you’re having writer’s block, just think about the everyday conversations you have and the topics will start to float in! If you need some additional help consider the following:

  • Find and take inspiration from other real estate writers
  • Find topics that reflect your goals–this will lead to impassioned writing
  • Write down ideas during the day–they may lead to your next topic!

How do real estate blogs make money?

Maintaining a blog in the real estate business is no easy feat. So it is of importance to note that besides converting customers as a profitable means, there are other ways in which blogging for real estate agents turns a profit. Real estate writers who create great content on blog posts can expect to make money from their site primarily in the three ways below.

Membership content

Membership content is indicative of how loyal your readers are. You can charge weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription fees so that they can receive real estate content and insightful information for a reduced price. This of course is usually only possible when you are very well-established within the industry and your articles are seen as great value to your audience.

Sponsored content

Rather self-explanatory, sponsored content involves partnering with sponsors that pay you to promote their product on your blogs who then in turn pay you for such a service. It is advisable to only promote sponsored content that you would recommend to friends and family, which in turn will help you seem more reliable and trustworthy to your audience.

How do SEO copywriting & CRO copywriting techniques boost sales for real estate blogs?

There are plenty of resources that are helpful when applied to blog posts by realtors, but none more so than SEO copywriting and CRO (conversion rate optimization) copywriting. Such techniques should be applied to all articles that pass through your website if you wish to see great results and optimal conversion.

Rank high in the search engines

One of the primary goals of SEO content writing is to rank high in the search engines. When you write for your audience using the keywords they are searching and in a manner that Google deems acceptable then you will be rewarded handsomely.

Therefore, by leveraging a comprehensive SEO content strategy your real estate business has the chance to gain incredible exposure and sales boosts and be one of the first websites to show up when your audience searches for certain keywords.

Reach your target audience

Realtors know how important loyalty is; having a loyal customer return to you again and again when they are looking to do real estate investing cannot be understated.

So imagine that you can speak to and reach your audience and loyal customers just by applying SEO and CRO copywriting. Speak to your audience and address their needs simply by applying such marketing techniques.

Convert readers into buyers

Plain and simple: a well-written blog with properly applied SEO copywriting makes customers want to take action. When you know your audience, choose topics that resolve their pain points, monetize on emotions, and create a sense of urgency.

Especially if you have a guest post written by an SEO copywriter, they will know exactly how to change your audience from mere readers into buyers through a series of techniques. In essence, CRO and SEO copywriting services is a near surefire way to boost sales when implemented correctly.

an illustration of a sold out house, tips on blogging for real estate

Learn how SEO Copywriting Agency can make blogging for real estate agents turn a profit

At SEO Copywriting Agency, we know a thing or two about blogging for real estate agents. We proudly write property descriptions for some of the most prestigious real estate agencies on the globe such as Sotheby.

We use thought-provoking words and ideas to methodically create content that reaches your market audience, converts them into buyers, and ultimately boosts your sales. Contact us today and let us help create powerful, targeted content that is sure to skyrocket your business.

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